How to double diaper

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My LO pees a lot at night. My sister in law said you can take two overnight diapers, make a slit in one and then put that one on the LO and then another overnight diaper over THAT one and it works great. Has anyone tried this? There are so many nasty chemicals in disposable diapers!

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They have the same chemical in them that causes Toxic Shock Syndrome and chemicals that cause cancer. Get a fitted cloth diaper and use a PUL cover. DD is in it for 12 hours every night and has not leaked once in the 4 months I've been using that. Oh how I wish it were that simple for my super-pee-er. I had How to double diaper stop CDing at night because NO combination held all his pee, and I would have to wake him to change him at least every three hours or he would leak.

I tried fitteds with all kinds of doublers bamboo, hemp, MF, etc. I hate chemicals too, but ultimately we had to go with disposable overnight diapers. He still sometimes leaks and the diaper feels like it weighs 10 pounds when I take it off I don't know how a baby can produce so much peeso I usually change him while he's sleeping at midnight then again at 6 or 7. I should clarify that the idea of cutting the diaper is what scared me the most with this discussion ETA: I've suggested to people a bunch of times about getting a PUL cover or wool would work too and putting that over the disposable.

That would really help to keep it all contained. Log in. My. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by How to double diaper which of these best describes you! Babies: 6 - 9 Months New Discussion. December in Babies: 6 - 9 Months. Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Double diapers at night? December I would be afraid the gel stuff and chemicals from the inside of the cut diaper would get on the baby. Report 0 Reply. Loading the player GlinkaGirl member. Have you tried a larger sized diaper and one made especially for night thicker?

Warning No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml. We do double diapers because nothing else worked. We tried everything. We don't cut them or my thing though. We just use a huggies overnight in a size 5 and a pampers cruiser size 6 over that!

Try a larger-sized overnight diaper, with a wool cover over it. We just use the one size up bigger diaper. It's been working for us. Now he's big enough for an overnight diaper, so we'll try that when this doesn't last all night. Danaz1 member. For both my kids I us this booster p in their diapers at night no leaks you can get them on amazon.

We had a super-duper pee-er on our hands for a few months. Thankfully it has lightened up a bit.

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It's so frustrating! We bought tons of different and expensive! Disposable night time dipes didn't work either. We sized up and went to overnights and he would still be soaked by morning. His butt was so big he could hardly roll over but it didn't seem to bother him too much and he always woke up dry It was the only thing that worked for us.

Now he doesn't wet so heavily at night so we are able to get away with two hemp inserts and a microfiber insert in a pocket.

How to double diaper

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Double diaper at night???