How old is dutchess from black ink crew

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With the several tattoos on her body, it is very difficult for the world to ignore Dutchess Lattimore. She grew up in North Carolina and consequently got her high schooling in that place. During her campus days, Dutchess developed a special liking for the art of tattoos. She majored in business management and minor visual arts.

In a wrap, it has been an interesting journey for the young and ambitious lady. Along the way, she has met obstacles but still managed to come out strong and victorious. Dutchess has been in a dating relationship with Emanuel Ceasar and Zack Sanchez. However, she is so single at the moment.

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Whether she is the mood for another man in her life remains unknown. From the past two experiences, perhaps the famous artist has seen it wise to take a break from all the drama. Zach Sanchez is 24 years of age while Emanuel Ceasar is Was it a case of trying out the young and the old?

It dawned on her that age had very little say on the success of a relationship. Being the strong woman that she is, Dutchess soon managed to put all that behind her and move on. The business is doing quite well, and Dutchess is reaping a fortune from it. Immediately after her campus graduation, Dutchess Lattimore proceeded to study MBA and in the process started her career as a tattoo artist. For this reason, she moved to New York where she could command a larger audience. Her spiraling popularity soon earned her an opportunity with the VH1.

This was the breakthrough she needed.

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It changed her career path for the better. Lattimore worked hard and expanded her already a big name. She was eventually stable enough to open her tattoo shop.

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Since then, she has never looked back. After years of making appearances on the reality television shows and modeling, it accurate to say that Dutchess Lattimore has accumulated some good money for herself. From the latest estimates, her net worth bordersdollars. She is, however, reluctant to disclose her monthly earnings. Dutchess is therefore 34 years old. Black Ink Crew actress, celebrates her birthday on the 24 th of February.

Around two years ago, there was a moment when Dutchess feared that she was expectant. By that time, she was still dating Ceasar. Fortunately for them, that was not the case. However, their relief was short-lived since Ceasar soon got arrested.

Black Ink Crew star Dutchess Lattimore has a body full of tattoos. Lattimore is a model and a tattoo artist. The public does not know anything about her parents and siblings. Lattimore has, on the other hand, made it so difficult for them since she never talks about them.

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How old is dutchess from black ink crew

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Dutchess Lattimore