Hot ole miss girls

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Forums New posts. What's new New posts. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. Beautiful Women of Ole Miss. Thread starter jcolli30 Start date Nov 7, First Prev 3 of 8 Go to. ed Dec 12, Messages 6, Likes 12, Ole Miss girls are the best in the SEC. Snobby or not they are hot and ready. YankeeVol This is the way Nov 8, ed Mar 11, MessagesLikes 38, Growing up in NY and hanging around Syracuse and some other smaller colleges in NY, there are gorgeous women regardless of the school I will say that there might be a few more per capita in the southern schools though. ed Jul 19, Messages 8, Likes 12, SEC overall has the best babes.

Even UK has some real beauties. ed Jul 6, Messages 1, Likes Anyone who doesn't think ole miss has the hottest girls in the SEC needs to do themselves a favor and go to oxford for a september football game next fall. Billy Antrim Sending positive energy to the Vols! Nov 8, ed Aug 19, Messages 4, Likes 2, PMC said:. I hear you, but I have 2 words for you -- Norma Jean ed Sep 17, Messages Likes 0.

ed May 7, Messages 6, Likes 6, I think there are just as many hot girls at UT. Nothing better than going on the strip in Sept on game day. I'll put our girls against any girls from the SEC or Hot ole miss girls college for that matter.

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The Ole Miss blonde look gets boring to me. There's not enough variation since all of them try to to look alike. I prefer the brunettes, hispanic and asian girls from Florida any day. Plus, they get to dress like sluts most of the year since it isn't cold for very long. UCF also has a ton of hotties. ed Aug 7, Messages Likes I like me some redhe Living on the edge, brother!

Never knowing if you're going to be awakened in the middle of the night with a knife stuck in your liver ed Feb 26, Messages Likes 0. Always thought uga was slightly overrated. If you like a classy girl in pearls and a sun dress ole miss is where its at. If you like your traditional beach babe feel UF is tops. Me personally, I'd take one of each andcall it a day.

Posted via VolNation Mobile. ed Aug 29, Messages Likes Hot ole miss girls obviously haven't been to Gainesville then. Many of them are hotties from South Florida and you can find every nationality well represented. I grew up in Knoxville and moved to Gainesville when I was I was blown away by the quality of females there. You just won't find fat girls there and the ugly women are few and far between. The hotties in Gainesville out the guys so much that you will literally be able to have your pick on any given night. The scary thing is that Tallahassee is even better.

ed Nov 9, Messages 1, Likes Seems to me that some people don't get the point of this thread ed Oct 9, Messages Likes 0. Lots of girls around here are damage goods man.

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Go to any bar on a saturday night around here and you'll see what im talking about. Coach Grizz Chocolate Thunder Nov 8, ed Sep 14, Messages 15, Likes 5. ed May 20, Messages 11, Likes 5, ed Aug 8, Messages 1, Likes ed Jan 14, Messages Likes TheTennesseeTom said:. Who Knew? ed Jan 17, Messages 14, Likes Since this usually ends up in the "Make fun of This could be tough next week Red He are freaky. Most reds aren't that attractive to me but when they are attractive it is extremely hot.

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Crazy latinas will give you that same rush of being happy to be alive and not have your car keyed in the middle of the night. New posts Prev 1 2 3 4 5 … Go to. You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Facebook Twitter Link.

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Hot ole miss girls

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