Hostel sex stories

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Shit, I mean sex in hostels. Prepositions are important. You already know how to bang backpacker-style. Even some of The Broke Backpacker team chipped in their dirty deeds for this piece. This is some god-tier dirtbag shit! Yay or nay? Maybe a bit of both at the same time? Oh, you are kinky! Dormitory sex is a contentious point to start with. It is, for the most part, an expected part of the hostel Hostel sex stories scene. Having sex in a dorm room is not a cut-and-dry subject. Lemme paint the scene. A beautiful hippy palace-on-the-mountain in the hill country of Sri Lanka. Psychedelic murals fill the walls; this is a place where you sleep where you drop!

KG sees the DJ booth. He sees the decks. He goes to the owner, Manolo, a level dirtbag himself. Fast-forward to the event and odd people from around town show up — they simply heard that there was a party at the hippy hostel on the mountain.

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They respectfully dragged a mattress out the front, respectfully banged under the stars outside the bar window, and respectfully passed out there so everyone could see them in their spreadeagled glory over breakfast. Look, no one is pointing fingers. Many people have done the sneaky dorm deed at some point. Yeah, it is a part of the backpacking sex culture.

If everyone is riding that same vibe and no one gives a shit or at least almost no one; every party has its wet blanketthen, again, why not? Thursday through Saturday are the party nights. Thursday through Saturday, everyone puts their spiritual journey in park and attempts to drink themselves to transcendental understanding instead.

My friend Odin gets lucky — it must be that damn Israeli jawline. He ignores me opening the door wide.

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A moment passes before he closes it again without a single expression. As we cackle, Kooky and his girl contemplate their options. And then, without a word, they open the door to the dormitory and waltz right in, closing it behind them. We give it a while, unsure of what exactly has just happened. Time passes, ts are smoked, and eventually, Odin emerges. The fucker is practically glowing.

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Not if most-everyone is there with the same intent. You gotta remember, this was the same hostel where a dude who was already passed out in bed got up and waited outside when his mate possibly Kooky again; that man pulls showed up with a fresh partner-in-crime. No one will complain, AND, if they do, well… they probably booked the wrong hostel. Takeaway: In some environments, sex in the hostel dorms is a completely standard affair. Oh, and before we move on from dormitories, this is just a friendly PSA reminder that a sheet is basically a curtain. Do everyone a favour and hang that shit up!

Everyone would know what they were doing but at least no one was visually disturbed… especially when they did anal! Was that last part relevant? Hell no! But this next story is swimming in anal so I wanted to prime you. Simba is a good feller — a friend of mine. After a particularly bad breakup, he decided that emotionally void sex backpacking across Thailand would be the answer to his aching heart. He meets this London lass — quite chavvy — at his hostel after a long night Hostel sex stories.

He is completely shitfaced at this point. So, in the pool it is!

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Without turning around, he asks the guys if they have a condom he can have. Anal, of course! Simba described some other things that she let him do to her night but… umm… I gotta have some filter, right?

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Suffice to say, when the manager approached Simba the next day and informed him that there were CCTV cameras around the pool area, Simba was more than compliant in his eviction from the premises. This one is really a no-brainer. Or better yet, find a staff member and ask for a private room. Takeaway: Staff know about all the raunchy hostel sex that occurs. What is this forgotten essential of the backpacker-life? Some places in the world are simply better for backpacker sex than others, and, generally, some destinations in the world have a more debauched reputation for their backpacking sex scene than others.

It kinda goes hand-in-hand with the party hostel sex life, but there are places in the world where the statistics are simply working better in your favour. Yeah, it was crazy! We were staying in Thailand in this hostel… There was a big group of us just hanging out in our dorm after Hostel sex stories night out and these two just start going at it. At first, they were just fooling around. But then they just started fucking.

Like, right there! In the middle of the floor and the group… it was fucked! Also smiles… apparently. Again, party hostels are the go-to for backpacker sex, and some places are better than others:. Takeaway: Seek and ye shall find.

Rachel sucks. Rachel decided that somehow, while backpacking in Sri Lankait would be appropriate to have sex in the back of our tuk-tuk rental without asking for permission first. The following morning, Rachel also thought it would be appropriate to deny having had sex with the lovely Israeli man in the back of our tuk-tuk because he has a lisp and that might somehow lower her social standing. I also have it on good authority that Rachel got a rather nasty case of thrush from her bare-bottom escapades in our tuk-tuk.

Both backpacking Southeast Asia and South Asia, in particular, present territories which are not renowned for their cleanliness where also, coincidentally, a lot of quick-and-easy sex occurs. Just, try and remember to be clean. There are also a lot of wanderlust travellers around see what I did there that like smushing their good bits together with reckless abandon.

Takeaway: The world is not clean — Asia in particular. Stay sanitary and stay safe. To be honest, I felt kinda weird preaching to adults about using a condom. But just recently, a Hostel sex stories dear friend of mine had a bad scare and my heart hurt for her. Her partner got worse than a scare. Use a condom. Stay safe and stay clean, amigos. This one came in from another close friend and it made me giggle to no end…. She was a sweet, innocent lass from the sexier part of Germany.

The setting? It was a goddamn fairytale! Their salsa sway parted the dancefloor like the Red Sea; Moses left his God at home and brought his A-game instead. She was lost to the romance. What could this be but true love? That would not deter her, however, there was a whole starry beach. Tonight was the night she lost her innocence: no longer would she be a girl. This would be her first casual lay. Tonight, she would become… a stereotypical backpacker in Thailand!

Hostel sex stories

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