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You know what? This hickey thing is adorable as Hell so Imma jump on the bandwagon too if it's okay! These two kill me of how cute they are XD. Originally posted by sajoou-moved. His chin was rest on your shoulder as you sat between his legs. You hold the book while he flips the s. After a while he takes note of your sweet scent and his eyes shift over to your bare neck. Unsurprisingly, you had caught him in the act without his knowledge and hummed lowly in amusement before leaning over to kiss his neck playfully.

He thought the two of you were studying? You shut his ramblings up by shifting around and pressing your lips against his. Your hands are already in his, gently pulling on the strands which earns you a low groan from the boy. However, there are just some days when the tension from the week go to you and you just wanted to indulge in each other. They wonder around your body more freely, grabbing at your chest and gently massaging as he gentle nips at your neck.

A Hickeys tumblr boys make-out session had begun, that quickly turned more heated. He had you pressed against his mattress and Hickeys tumblr boys when your legs lazily wrapped around his waist. He even let out a low groan, causing you to giggle.

You shuddered as his teeth grazed against a pressure point on your neck and latched onto a sensitive spot. He was just keeping himself busy as he listened to you type away at your phone. He was more than happy when you put it down to reconnect your lips. He watched you sit up and stretched, rolling your slightly sore neck.

Quickly he went to retrieve the small mirror he knew you kept in your bag to touch up your make up and handed it to you apologizing over and over again. Your face lit up in embarrassment. Your neck had about four or five hickeys. By the time he came back he held your bottle of concealer in his hand, handing it off to you and continuing to apologize. Originally posted by lifesfibers. Hell, even when the two of you shared a kiss that would become slightly heated, you felt nervous pressing kisses against his neck.

You even felt him tense up a few times before quickly relaxing. Both of you sat on the floor, books and notes sprawled out around you. Once evening rolled around, Tamaki received a text from Mirio asking both of you to him and Nejire for dinner. You were too engrossed in your work to hear him. Anxiously, he inched his fingers towards your hand, his pinky gently brushing against your hand.

Instead you shifted your hand to interlock with his, thinking he wanted to hold your hand as you flipped the next of your book.

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Tamaki blushed as you held his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He knew you took your studies seriously and felt uncomfortable for intruding, however you needed to eat. However, he took note of your reaction.

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It seemed as if your focus altered. He tries his best to remember how you did it. The way your lips moved against his neck. The two of you just fall into the mood. His lips leaving different marks on your skin without either of you really processing what he was doing. Finally, his lips meet yours, both of you moaning lowly. Sure, both your faces were a bit flushed, but you were sure that the two of you had kept everything under wraps? Mirio was trying to calm her down, trying to convince her not to say anything too blunt. Both you and Tamaki were confused and shared a confused look.

That was until he took note of your neck.

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He quickly apologized to his friends, requesting that they wait a few more minutes before rushing you back to your room. He had given you a hickey. Two hickeys honestly. Meanwhile, Tamaki began to freak out as he searched for your concealer and tried to help you apply it. Finally, you took the boys hands in yours, pressing soft kisses against his knuckles and reassuring him that it was okay.

Hi bb! Would you be okay doing hc for tamaki, izuku, kirishima and kaminari x reader where shes kind of insecure bc shes kinda curvy and Hickeys tumblr boys a little bit of a tummy and he sees her poking at herself in the mirror? And I can definitely do that for you! You stood in front of your mirror, staring intensely at your body in your underwear. A shirt hangs loosely in your hand at your side. A frown tugged at your lips as your eyes scoured over your curves, your hand releasing the shirt and letting it flutter to the ground.

You stepped forward, hands instinctively moving to your plushy stomach, squeezing and poking at the chubby flesh unhappily. So naturally, your self-conscious butt immediately snatched the opportunity to grab at your insecurities and strike. Had you gained weight without realizing it? And you gasped when you saw stretchmarks forming around your belly and hips, some around your thighs too.

When did you get those? Keep reading. Warnings: masturbation, dirty thoughts, boys pining after you, mentions Hickeys tumblr boys oral, mentions of hand job, begging. His mind only on you and how your pretty lips would look wrapped around his thick cock as you tease him, only to wink up at him. Finally he came, his heavy load squirting onto his hand only to leave them sticky. Luckily he was in the shower. His movements quickly paced as his head was thrown back into his pillow, his mouth babbling out things that no one would ever hear.

He imagined you straddled on his cock bouncing harshly as you told him what a pretty slut he was. His moans riser in pith as his orgasm came closer. Izuku shivers as you take his cock in hand, your thumb running down the expanse of the sensitive underside all the way up to the swollen, flushed head, smearing the pre leaking from his slit over himself as a makeshift lube.

Izuku whimpers when you squeeze him in your grip, leaning down to pepper kisses up the freckled underside of his dick, running the very tip of your tongue over each little mark.

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You hum just to feel him jolt, smiling Hickeys tumblr boys his heated flesh and dragging your tongue to the tip where you placed a sweet kiss. A fancy restaurant with excellent seats and plenty of money to blow on spoiling one another.

You were even planning on seeing a movie afterwards since you were just having too much fun to quit for the night. That is until you paid for your meal and took one look outside through the big glass exit doors and both of you froze up. You looked at one another and then sighed, realizing two things. Hc that android izuku once saw a romantic movie and wants to recreate the kissing scene but sadly your asleep so he just gently kisses you on the lips before running out the room to not wake you up.

You watched a lot of movies together, and you usually let him pick, usually it was hero movies or action related. So imagine your surprise when he settles on a cheesy romance flick one night. Thinking nothing of it you let it play, getting a few laughs out of it before inevitably falling asleep halfway through. Izuku, however, was at the edge of his seat, watching in awe as the protagonist and the romantic interest shared a passionate kiss in a dramatically romantic setting. The camera did the typical circle around the characters as they crush their lips together. His big green eyes drifted from the screen straight to your lips, slightly parted as you slept, leaning against the armrest of the couch.

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His cheeks flushed blue, his dry tongue dipping out to swipe over his lip as he stared at your lips. His eyes flickered to the TV, a new scene displayed on the screen of the couple eloping at some cheap brothel on the highway. You stirred, shifting around with a sigh, leaning into his palm. Slowly he leaned in, stopping just a hair from your face, lips brushing just barely against yours.

The brightest of grins spread across his face as he practically vibrated in his seat, celebratory waves of dopamine-like chemicals flooding his reward systems. A dark green bunny dashes through the leaves of autumn, flinging twigs and pebbles in its wake as it skips over rocks and slides under raised roots of the surrounding trees.

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Flashlights illuminate the tiny rabbit as it flees, and multiple shouts can be heard not too far away. There was only so much his little pattering heart could take and his exhaustion was quickly setting in as he began to slow down. His vision blurred and he struggled to maintain his pace. Before he could process what was happening, he was tumbling to the forest floor, rolling several feet after tripping right over a stone. The next thing he knew he was being lifted by his scruff right off the ground and carried off in a mouthful of sharp teeth.

As he began to take in the situation at hand, Izuku looked up to see he was being carried by a thick-furred wolf. Secondly, you had basically just saved his skin. Your eyes flickered down to him every now and then, as if you were checking on him. There was an awareness in your eyes that led him to believe there was humanity behind them, a type of thoughtfulness in Hickeys tumblr boys way you kept looking behind you in case your pursuers were still following.

Perhaps you were like him and his mom. These were only theories and he could be overthinking things. You were still a threat and that had his instincts kicking into overdrive. When he tried to struggle again he was scared shitless when you let out a growl around his small body.

A warning. Originally posted by infinitestar. Anonymous asked: You know what? Warnings: slightly nsfw Please feel free to leave a comment! Originally posted by sajoou-moved Midoriya - The two of you were snuggling on his bed reading over one of the chapters for an upcoming test. A little angsty.

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Midoriya Izuku You stood in front of your mirror, staring intensely at your body in your underwear. But now… A frown tugged at your lips as your eyes scoured over your curves, your hand releasing the shirt and letting it flutter to the ground. He loves the way you blush and gasp against his lips when he successfully catches you off guard. Bakugou always complains, grumbling for you to get a room.

Hickeys tumblr boys

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