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In a quiet little town surrounded by the mountains, Tomoki Sakurai lives a peaceful life with his somewhat Megaton Karate Chop -prone childhood friend waking him up in the morning. That, and the recurring dream of a girl in the sky. At the same time, school eccentric Eishirou Sugata has been witnessing an unidentified thing moving above the Earth, with nobody able to figure it out.

Through a series of circumstances, Tomoki ends up being the only one around when the thing falls to Earth near his hometown.

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In it is a girl in skimpy clothing with angel wings, calling herself an Angeloid. Her name is Ikaros.

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Things just got a lot more interesting Heaven's Lost Property is a chapter manga created by Suu Minazuki who ly wrote Watashi No Messiah Sama that spawned two anime seasons and two movie releases. The anime first season was in the fall ofwith the second, Heaven's Lost Property forteat fall Funimation has d the first two seasons of the anime and the movie. You can also find the series on Hulu.

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Get Known if you don't have an. Your Wish Is Her Desire. Tomoki : Peace and quiet is the best. Tomoki's manhood : You called? Tomoko : We're all girls here! Sugata to himself : So the problem becomes a question: who sent Ikaros to Tomoki?

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Heaven's Lost Property