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Boobs, bidets, bikes, and benkyou! Golden Boy is one screwy comedy! Just six episodes were produced as an OVA from the original manga series that originated in Nearly ancient art and voice acting styles adorn this ridiculous and unusual combination of comedy and ecchi! This is definitely R-rated, so proceed with that warning! Characters […]. And like Kintaro Oe, the protagonist in this brief series, I will never forget the girl that did it.

Basically, this human male is obsessed with learning. Japanese Bohemian! Kintaro gets his fill of gorgeous females in our brief encounter with him! Whenever he gets a chance to clean a toilet, his imagination fires up. Wanna know something really funny about this toilet obsession? But as the series progressed, so did my knowledge of the Japanese language. Remember how Kintaro is obsessed with studying? But the best part of Kintaro is that beneath his vagabond lifestyle and perverted fetishes lies a heart of gold.

He gets beat up, misunderstood, and fired many times just for stepping in between his girls and trouble, taking all the blame as the bad guy. And so the girls themselves come to recognize Golden boy anime face goodness and his brilliance, sometimes simultaneously. I love this old method of voice acting that Iwata-san employs for Kintaro. Enough about the guys in this show!

It might be about Kintaro, but the main feature in this anime is the girls. This show is about as ecchi as it gets without crossing the H-line! Stone might say. Are you kidding me, the president of a software company wearing that—thing? What do you even call that thing? Red tape? Is that some weird reference to the English phrase? Tape is the only thing that would fit like that thing fits. All the girls are drop-dead gorgeous.

The ultra-ecchi clothing is toned down a little when the girls are high school age thankfully, but we get lots of ecchi scenes with all the girls. The most extreme characters, in this regard, are in their twenties at least. Obviously the president is the most extreme in her outfit. But Reiko Terayama, the biker girl, is the most extreme in her scenes. I thought I was in love when we met Ayuko Hayami, the former Olympic swimmer who ran the swim school in the show.

Man she was amazing! She made my heart skip a beat. But then we get to episode 5 and we meet Reiko on her motorcycle. If Ayuko made my heart skip a beat, Reiko well-nigh stopped it cold. I was about to jump up off the couch and run around the room like a wild man! So you get it. The girls are hella sexy and do hella sexy things in the hella normal course of life. And you can tell how much she loves her company. The high schooler Naoko is going through that difficult age in life, and you feel for her even as she tries to Golden boy anime face up Kintaro and subsequently bails him out once she sees his goodness and her error.

Ayuko is very strict, even teaching her instructors some mildly forceful techniques to try and get their youngest swim students accustomed to the water.

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I think the author is trying to make just that point throughout this series, that learning should be a rich experience and not a forced ordeal. Ayuko plays a big part in that message. I doubt Reiko embodies any deep message. But when she leaves home and mounts her bike, the kimono comes off, literally. She wears her bursting bodysuit when we first meet her on her bike, but this second time we meet her in her garage for the bike, we spend many minutes with her unclothed before Kintaro, as she explains her bike fetish and her distaste for men in comparison.

Add uniqueness to this already overwhelming female character, and she makes our blood pump even harder! What a fun cast! It has that same wild, driving feeling that FLCL does at times, largely because of these characters. Perhaps this is because of how much must be crammed into single episodes given the series is only 6 episodes long.

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And this series does not disappoint in that regard. Oh you know how I love it! Perspective usually plays a big role here. By that I mean there are certain angles we view characters faces from that make the faces look really wrong. Usually this happens Golden boy anime face the girls, and I think a lot of it stems from their very pointy chins and very small mouths.

This is particularly pronounced if the chin starts to recede towards the neckline and almost disappear. Anime tradition only draws the H-line between bare genitals and no bare genitals, and predictably we see no unclothed muffs here, censored or otherwise. But it gets as close as anything without crossing that line!

Ayuko adjusts her swimsuit in that area several times. Reiko sits astride her powerful motorcycle clad in g-string only. The president crosses her legs in provocative ways a few times, not to mention her outfit again and its lines and Golden boy anime face. Nipples covered and uncovered pop out clearly throughout this show. You know how I feel about ecchi. It distracts from artistic quality, visual or otherwise. But it can be used effectively at times.

But enough about that. I consistently find it difficult to describe what I like about this style. I love it. Six episodes for this entire story. Each follows a very similar pattern. Do you remember it? Kintaro arrives in a new town and usually encounters some sensually overwhelming female. Sometimes he just conveniently ends up working at the same place they work or live or whatever.

Either way, he gets very involved in their personal lives or business situations very quickly. From there, he usually makes a nuisance of himself as he tries to learn the ins and outs of his new work and contribute how he can. Mostly he makes scribbles in his notebook, learning any and every thing he can. The notes we see usually accompany a voluptuous sketch of the woman of the day, but that aside. But eventually he plays his true role. He intervenes when disaster strikes or manages to right a difficult situation for the lady du jour.

The animosity the lady has for him evaporates, and then he moves on in life to repeat this sequence of events in the next episode. At this rate, you can understand the limited of episodes. What if there were 24 of these? But also, the repetitious nature of each episode would wear on us. So I think it was a wise choice to limit the of episodes and thus the sprawl of the story.

The last episode introduces a new girl as usual, the sweet colorist Chie-chan, but also involves all the other ladies from the episodes. This effect here is exaggerated by the short series itself, and the final episode where everyone comes together one more time is highly welcome. Once again we get a little glimpse into the details behind the creation of anime. This appears from time to time in anime, sometimes as an entire series—most recently in Get Your Hands Off Eizouken! I supremely enjoy these moments.

Golden Boy gave us another glimpse into that somewhat thankless world, and it thrilled my heart to see even fake animators at work. I wish all animators could feel that kind of reward, and I hope they can all understand how much indescribable love and admiration we have for them and the work they do. Golden Boy gave us a nice opportunity to recognize that once more. This show is extremely fun to watch! From hella sexy moments to cringy comedic scenes to tearfully sad realizations, this show rides smoothly from one entertaining moment to the next just as Kintaro peddles his way through the road of life.

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