Girls x battle evolve

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Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Girls X Battle 2. The further you progress, the more offline rewards that you will obtain. The harder the stage the higher amount of rewards you will receive. You can check the loot rewards by tapping the magnifying glass icon. This is where you can place your girls to increase the overall team power which the higher the team overall power means better offline rewards. This is where you can set up your girls before battle.

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Take note that the girls that are placed in the frontline will most likely take damage from enemies first. You can also tap and hold any of the girl faction aura to find out the girl faction bonus. Each girl has its own Faction. Each girl also has its own Profession Class. Some are mainly for dealing damage while others support girls by healing or buffs. I would recommend using star girls during battles as they are much stronger. I suggest saving your crystals until you have Gems.

You can use the Advanced x10 summon to increase the chances of obtaining star girls.

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You can equip your girl using gears to increase its stats. There are four types of gears in this game such as weapon, armor, accessory, and shoes. Each gear also has its own rarity from yellow Lowest to orange Highest. High rarity gears like green, red and orange also have its own gear set bonuses which requires 4 types of different gears of the same set. Each subsequent level increases the of EXP juice and Coins required.

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Each girl has a max level of 30 which can be increased by progressing a girl. To promote a girl, you will need Lunch boxes to increase not only the level cap by 10 but also its tier by 1. Once a girl reaches level 40, you will get to unlock a crystal slot. You can either exchange the crystal to change the stats or level up your crystal to increase more random stats. You will require Crystal Chisels to do so which can be obtained mainly from the League rewards, offline rewards after completing stage and from the Slot Machines.

When a girl reaches a certain tier, it will also unlock a skill for that girl.

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You can tap and hold the skill icon to see the full description of that particular skill. If you have not done so, I would suggest ing a Guild as soon as you can. You can unlock some of the Guild features such as:. I suggest filling up your friend list as many as you can.

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Prioritize on completing the daily tasks first Main Menu-Tasks. Completing all the daily tasks will reward you with Gems daily. The higher your rank, the more rewards you will receive. There are 3 different opponents which you can choose before the battle. Always go for the one with the lowest power so that your team has a power advantage over the opponent. Take note that the Slot Machine refreshes every 24 hours. Each subsequent floor will increase the power for that floor.

I suggest setting up your team where your overall power is above the required power to ensure victory. You can obtain rewards mainly Lunch boxes, Coins and star girl Girls x battle evolve. Take note that each defeat will consume a permit. Each stage will require girls above level 40 and HP of girls from both sides will not be stored after every battle.

Completing a stage rewards Honor coins which can be exchanged for girl shards and crystal chisels. If you are going to spend a lot of time in this game and wants to obtain 5-star girls much faster than the rest, it is best to recharge Gems using real money sucks to be F2P. If you are new to this game, you can check out this game from IOS and Android. Charles not Xavier is a known rage gamer who throws controllers, flip tables and bottles… But strangely, he has never smashed a smartphone before.

Obtaining more girls Each girl has its own Faction. Ranger — Ranger girls have high ATK. Suitable to be placed at the back line to deal more damage.

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Suitable to be placed at the front line to protect allies. Assassin — Assassin girls are able to assassinate enemies at the back line, their single attacks deal more damage when they are placed in the back line. Academy — You can use your Coins and Guild Coins to upgrade passive stat effects for your girls. Merchant — You can exchange your Guild Coins for star girls and high rarity gear.

Cafeteria — You can order food for both Coins and Guild Coins. You can also donate the Cafeteria using Coins to upgrade the Cafeteria. Becoming VIP If you are going to spend a lot of time in this game and wants to obtain 5-star girls much faster than the rest, it is best to recharge Gems using real money sucks to be F2P. Charles Chan.

Girls x battle evolve

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