Gayest thing ever said

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Nov 29 PM 0 0. Dec 3 AM 0 0. A little late to the new. Dec 4 PM 0 0. Dec 5 AM 0 0. Tucker the Hucker!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 5 PM 0 0. Me and a friend at camelback, we were about 8 at the time, Me: Ready for the bar? Dec 6 AM 0 0. Dec 6 PM 0 0. Haha, today i got credit from a year girl who told me how cool my PEs are :D. Thats what he's used to. Last year some random dude asked if he could suck the dick. And I was just like what??! Then he pulled out his dick shaped pipe and asks again hahahaha. Random 30 year old guy: I like pickels, do you like pickles?

Me: Yeah Guy: Want to be my friend?

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I skied away as fast as possible when I got off the lift. Dec 7 PM 0 0. Dec 13 PM 0 0. This is from a different thread and it got posted on here. Had this guy totally flip his shit the other day because I was swinging my skis a little bit. I wasn't swinging them much but it was freezing and wanted to keep my legs moving. He totally flipped, went ballistic started screaming at me and told me how dangerous it was. And that the chairlift was more than likely going to derail. What a fucking idiot but there was no reasoning with him. Not really a gay story but the guy was just a straight up dick.

Dec 14 PM 0 0. Older guy: Do you like red wine?? Me: Yea! Im sure I dont like red wine xmas is just an ecception spelling?? Older guy: Oh! I just thought because your skis are the same colour as red wine. Me: Oh yeah All times are Eastern

Gayest thing ever said

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Gayest thing anyone has ever said to you on the lift????