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A place of wonder, a place of dreaming and place for finally being at peace with the infant girl deep inside, demanding a space in the open. This is Chrissy. Chrissy, this is mom. And my sisters Lara and Laura. Sisters, Chrissy. Tom had been nervous introducing his girlfriend to his mom.

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His mom had been curt on the phone when he told her he was bringing a girl on the trip. I have rules in this house. That was fine. But he needed to show her he was his own man now, striking out in the world. Tom, do your dear old mom a favor and go grab your panties off the clothesline. His sisters burst out laughing. Chrissy looked confused. Tom stared jaw open, long blinks. They were plastic panties. And they were used whenever his mom had used diaper discipline on him, which had been often.

Still silence. I spoke to you. I said can you please go get your panties off the clothesline. Gonna need them this weekend. Diaper punishment. And if you have diapers, you have plastic panties. Tom wanted to melt.

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Wanted to die. He felt frozen in space as his sisters kept laughing. Chrissy wanted to flee. Her 19 year old boyfriend…. What the hell was happening here. Finally his mom acted and took the stupefied sissy by the elbow, then grabbed his hand and pulled him along toward the back door.

Tom had gone mute as his mom marched him to the back and he saw his plastic panties. His panties. He moaned and his mom magically produced a pacifier and stuffed it into his mouth while Chrissy continued to stare in amazement.

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Wait till she told her sorority sisters about this one. She had a weird feeling her boyfriend was not returning to school anytime soon. She envisioned her boyfriend in diapers, the plastic panties over them, sucking on his stupid pacifier. It was stunning, Chrissy thought, seeing a 5-foot-5, pound year-old woman easily drag down a 6-foor-4, pound supposed stud.

Now the pants came off. Then the boxers. About an inch. Now she saw why. Christ, Gay cumslut tumblr mom was saving her. The sissy was bawling now on the carpet, staring up at the ceiling, sucking on his pacifier, the woman who had controlled him forever again forcing him into thick diapers while his sisters mocked him as always and his girlfriend stared in horror and amusement. His mom now rubbed the front of his diapers and he moaned in pleasure. She stopped and grabbed the dreaded panties, moving them up his legs and fitting them just sow over his bulging diapers. All tucked away, just like he should be.

No escape now, not for a properly diapered and pantied boy. Or girl. Chrissy had seen enough. The last sight Tom had of her was her ass as she walked out the door. Thank god she had driven so she could escape. All you need is mommy and your sisters and your diapers. And your panties. He had believed he could escape his mom, his fate. My panties. My diapers. My destiny. He bawled some more. Crying is fine but this sobbing and heaving is a bit much. Remember how before mommy found your stash of diapers and secret Tumblr?

All those naughty words you used to write and what you would fantasize about? Being kept in diapers forever. Being paraded around in public. Being exposed as a diaper fag. Becoming a sissy baby permanently. Being diaper-dependent. Never wearing big boy pants again. Words you used. So our first stop will be your doctor, for your annual checkup. But I need her to check that rash. Oh, sissy, you think sassy black salon workers are going to be especially cruel when I, yes, parade you in there for a haircut?

Seeing a white diapered wimp might bring out their cruel side, I dunno. But we need to get you a haircut before seeing your parents. There you go hyperventilating again. Yes we are going to your parents for dinner. You just have to sit there in your poopy diapers and suck on your pacifier and be a good girl and be happy that all your dreams, all your fantasies have come true. Thanks to mommy! There there. Just an every day outfit for sissy girls. He knew his warning would actually serve as an accelerant to the potential slut but, still, he was doing his best.

She thinks she has a great life with a real man. So be absolutely sure. Look again at this diapered slave. Look at his Pampers. Look at those shoes. Look at Gay cumslut tumblr stockings. That bleached hair. You really want this? To be removed from your safe straight life to serve a dominant man? To be ripped from your surroundings and forcibly feminized and diapered forever? This slut thought he wanted it to and now he bawls every day.

So be sure. Be sure you want me to call your wife and tell her what you really are and then send you a bus ticket to get here. Set up a website so everyone monitors your progress. Start you on the road to incontinence from which there is no return. Alter your vocal cords. Remove your teeth. Tattoo you. Feminize you through pain and hypnosis and surgeries and humiliation and training. No escape from your diapers. If you are sure Be sure. Be sure diaper fag. Now the master waited. The Gay cumslut tumblr and photo scared him off. Ready, son?

Gay cumslut tumblr

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