Gay clubs in indianapolis

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Bill declined to disclose his last name. Not because he was in a gay bar, but because he was in a bar period. He was 90 days sober and figured it would look bad to his AA sponsor, never mind he was drinking Diet Coke. But he had something interesting, something metaphorical, to say, as "Rock me, Amadeus" played in the background at Downtown Olly's, N. Illinois St. Several years ago, he Gay clubs in indianapolis at that same bar, during a remodeling, as workers tore away a wall.

Since the s, when Downtown Olly's was a different gay bar called Brothers, the wall had sealed off two huge picture windows in front. It was like, 'Oh, my God! Indianapolis gay bars used to be in the dark, not just figuratively but literally -- they didn't used to have windows. He works now at Greg's Our Place, at 16th and Delaware streets, which opened up its windows in The difference now, said Shantel Sifuentes, who was sitting with the year-old Bill but is 15 years younger -- and who spelled out her last name slowly and clearly she was that committed to full, unmistakable disclosure -- is that "people want the city to know the LGBT community is out there.

Indianapolis' first Gay Pride event, inconsisted of a semi-private dinner at the Essex Hotel.

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Some guests wore masks to conceal their identities. On the eve of the 31st Pride celebration, to be capped off June 9 with a giant Downtown parade and festival, The Star revisited the secret, underground-ish, but vibrant scene of decades ago. He said that inthe year he stopped concealing his homosexuality, Indianapolis had more than a dozen gay bars. This at a time when Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, had just two each. Police raids were common. Warman recalled being at Betty K's, a club that occupied a big old Victorian house at 17th and Central since torn down in the mid-'60s, when police came in to bust men for dancing with other men.

But the proprietor, Betty Keller, was too quick for them. She saw the police approach, flipped a light switch, a al familiar to her patrons. But often such raids led to nights in jail, especially if the gay patrons didn't have I. McCann said that inhe was one of some 80 gay men loaded into 12 paddy wagons and hauled to the Marion County Jail.

They were herded together Gay clubs in indianapolis a large cell with open toilets where they spent the night. When people needed to use the toilet, a phalanx of men would stand up and form a wall to give privacy. McCann said that was "the first time I remember people actually being nice to each other.

But no one stood up and protested the raids. Instead, they paid their fines and slinked away. She was there to promote a bill in the Indiana General Assembly championed by a Greenwood lawmaker named, ironically, Don Boys that would criminalize sodomy. Mary Byrne recalls protesting outside the rally. At gay bars, orange juice was no longer served because of Bryant's affiliation with the Florida growers. Monument Circle, in the early s, was a popular gathering spot for gays and lesbians, and this made some people uncomfortable.

Police tried to shoo them away by videotaping them. Complaining about the surveillance fell to Stan Berg, who owned a gay bath house in the block of North Keystone Avenue.

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Berg is considered Indianapolis' first political gay man, "the one willing to be the face of the gay community," said Bohr. Under Berg's pressure, the Indianapolis Police Department hired a liaison to the gay and lesbian community. And inMayor William H. Hudnut issued a proclamation declaring it was city policy not to discriminate against gays.

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Before deejays, the background music came from juke boxes and occasionally from live performers, such as the piano player named Flo her last name is lost to historywho in the early '60s delighted McCann and others with Cole Porter tunes at a long-gone gay bar at 22nd and Meridian called Bolland's. Initially, said Palmer, Spaulding simply sat at the bar with a couple of turntables. Later, management built him his own deejay booth.

But not for long because the three-story-tall Hunt and Chase soon opened on South Pennsylvania Street. With its massive sound system and its Gay clubs in indianapolis, and with the advent of disco, of Gloria Gaynor's and Donna Summer's music mixed expertly by a deejay who was very small and went by Turtlethe Hunt and Chase soon eclipsed all gay dance clubs. A few years later, the 13,square-foot 21 Club, on Talbott Street, trumped the Hunt and Chase, and during the s dominated the gay bar scene.

It was owned by Paul Eckert, who could be said to be the dean of Indianapolis gay bar operators. Today, at 77, Eckert covers all the bases, owning the Unicorn Club, W. The first gay bar Eckert ever walked into, in the s, was the Varsity Lounge, N.

Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis' oldest gay bar, the Varsity dates to the s. Eckert described a decorous place, where the proprietor, a woman from either Poland or Czechoslovakia, rode herd over public displays of affection. Mary Byrne, once she acknowledged her sexuality, moved swiftly.

She ed a women's rugby team, bought a country-and-western bar at E. Michigan St. Gay clubs in indianapolis was in She named the place Labyrus, and booked numerous female musicians. Gays and lesbians may have united over Anita Bryant, but in the absence of an enemy, they fragmented. And one time I was refused service at Labyrus.

Drag queens -- showmen dressed as women -- were different in decades past, said Palmer. For one thing, they led off the shows, and concluded them, with complex, choreographed production s. These days, they tend to perform as solo acts. Another thing: drag queens didn't used to have breast implants, as some do now.

Betty K's hosted drag shows, as did Darlo's, among other places, but the grandest shows, in the view of Palmer and others, were at The Famous Door, in the block of North Illinois Street. Back at Downtown Olly's, Shantel Sifuentes is having a cocktail, and on the TV screens positioned high above the bar, baseball is being played. Downtown Olly's is now a sports bar, a gay sports bar, a gay sports bar with picture windows and afternoon light. Bill, the recovering alcoholic with the Diet Coke, reflected on the new, open era, specifically on the sunlight pouring in.

Contact Star reporter Will Higgins at Follow him on Twitter WillRHiggins. Facebook Twitter. The strange but true history of Indianapolis' gay bars When police raided gay bars to bust men for dancing with other men, "We'd quick drop our partner and grab a lesbian," said David McCann, By Will Higgins will. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

Gay clubs in indianapolis

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