Foot smother stories

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Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. Looking for an old story!! Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 7 posts. Hey there, I've been looking for a story i stumbled across many years ago! Something like that Anyways, it was about Foot smother stories guy who worked in a shoe store and he had a foot fetish. And this girl that he works with named Megan finds out about it and invites these girls into the store after it closes, and they pretty much foot smother and humiliate him. THen Megan does it too and basically claims the guy as her foot slave.

Was a brilliant story, but i can't find it anywhere I've searched google a lot, haha. If anybody has it please do post it! Or if you know where it is, a link would be great! Does anybody else know of the story i'm talking about??

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Cheers everyone! I remember reading a story like this in a foot fetish mag, years ago.

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His co-workers and her friends played "king of the hill" by fighting to stand on his face, among other things. I've never seen it posted anywhere else. I don't remember much else about it, but it was a hot story. I don't know if we have the same story, but the one you're talking about sounds pretty awesome! In my one, the friends that come to use the guy as a foot worshipper are cheer girls for memory. Was a brilliant story, i wish i could bloody find it!!! Thanks anyway though! Perhaps if I worked at a more ritzy shoe store, my experience could more closely approximate my fantasies.

But then it happened. Typically, if an attractive woman came into the store, either the manager or my co-worker Megan would take care of them. But when a beautiful woman in workout gear and sneakers strolled into the store, she turned to me for help. She took a seat, one hand playing with long black hair which had been tied up into a ponytail. A few words about Megan. She was also a high school senior.

She was a cute redhead, a bit of a goth at heart, but she was bossy, acting as if I worked for her when, in fact, we were on equal footing. Perhaps she figured she was above me because she was friends with some of the girls on the cheerleading squad. She just made herself useful to the popular girls, helping them with their homework, offering to drive them places. But fortunately for me, the woman informed her she was already being helped. Megan disliked me for some reason, and this rebuke by the Foot smother stories could not have improved her view of me.

After wrinkling her nose with disgust, she smiled and offered me one of the sneakers. But to be frank I was at a loss. I guess. I had to seem disinterested. Fortunately, our back room offered plenty of privacy, what with the many rows of shoe boxes. The sharp pungent smell of the dirty sneaker willed my senses, making me light-headed with elation.

I took another deep breath. I took a few more Foot smother stories whiffs before suddenly becoming conscious of being watched. I stopped and turned. There was no one. Holding the opening of the shoe over my nose I noticed the dark imprint of a foot inside the opening.

She must have given these shoes a lot of wear.

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The scent was making me dizzy. I put down the sneaker and paused to catch my breath. With a hand over my raging hard-on, I proceed to look for a similar pair of sneakers. But nothing could compare. I turned from the isle, only to be greeted by Megan. Megan smiled. My pants could not conceal my hard-on.

I panicked, stepping back so as to conceal myself behind a rack of shoes. I just forgot. I began to breath heavily, faking a slight wheeze. I waited until the coast was clear before racing off for a new pair of sneakers. I reentered the store several minutes later with a brand new pair of sneakers. The woman noticed me and smiled. As I approached, she stood up straighten and returned her foot to the floor. As I kneeled before her, I took in a noseful of the sharp, musty stink of her sock foot. I gazed at her foot as she wiggled her toes inside the sock. I just took a few surreptitious whiffs of the pungent aroma.

I offered her a sneaker and, using my fingers to hold it open, felt her damp sock foot brush against them. These are comfy. I walked her over Foot smother stories the register where Megan rang her up. Turning to help another customer, I cast the occasional glance to the woman as she Foot smother stories her shoe box and left the store. The woman had taken the box of dirty sneakers and pushed them into a trash bin outside before racing off. I glanced at my watch. Oh, I was a sick bastard, nay, a freak, but who cared. Megan took an eternity locking up and drawing the barrier over the windows.

I waited outside, watching while Megan locked the outside door and walked away. Once she turned the corner, I made a beeline for the garbage can. I reached inside, struggling to draw the box from inside the slot.

Foot smother stories

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