Foot humiliation stories

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If you want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to Foot humiliation stories crawling back to you on their knees no matter why you broke up you need to watch this video right away Quantum Binary als Get professional trading als delivered to your mobile phone every day. My Superior Ex-Girlfriend. It had been a year since I spoke to or had even seen Lauren.

She left me last summer after a lengthy period of progressive deterioration-our relationship had slowly fallen to pieces as I grew more and more obsessed with her and therefore more and more frustrated. I still had not come to terms with reconciling my sexual desires in a relationship. I wanted to be dominated and accept my inferiority. I wanted to worship Lauren as superior and honestly wanted her to pretty much humiliate me and be mean to me. This made me feel insecure and so I lashed out with anger.

I couldn't accept that I truly did believe she was a superior individual, regardless of my aforementioned sexual feelings. It destroyed our relationship. She lost respect for me and she left me and was totally indifferent toward me.

The opposite of love. And I was growing more obsessed with her every day. It had been a year, and I couldn't take it anymore. She was incomparable. No girl was as great as Lauren. She was a sinister beauty. Wavy and unkempt. Slanted, exotic eyes. Sharp, strong features.

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She looked incredibly feminine, standing 5ft 4in, but she also looked strong and mean. She had this cruel look to her which I loved. I remember she told me this one anecdote about a time she was in class and some guy was hitting on her and then randomly told her she looked evil. I liked that other people saw it.

She looked like a cruel goddess.

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She had the most perfect nails I had ever seen, long and Foot humiliation stories and strong. Perfectly shaped, thin and lengthy, with flawless nail beds-a big deal to me. Her feet were the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. She wore a size six. Her feet were small and perfect-still full and meaty and very curvy.

Her toes were full and shapely but still long. Her toenails were naturally long and she grew them out to the edge of her toes. Lauren was perfection. When we dated I had timidly kind of told her about wanting to be dominated but I never expounded on it at all. She knew about my foot fetish and knew I liked it when she rubbed her feet all over my face but that was about it.

I didn't want to tell her I wanted to worship her like a deity and be humiliated at her feet because I was worried she would look down on me. But I guess that that was what I wanted, sexually. So now that she had left me I knew what I wanted to do.

She was pretty mean-spirited and liked to make fun of people. She definitely had a superiority complex. I figured if I worded it right, she would definitely go for having a slave. Foot humiliation stories figured since we ended on bad terms, she would be up for treating her ex boyfriend like dirt too. We hadn't spoken or seen each other at all. I still had her and so I texted her. Can I call you? She responded the next day when I had given up, thinking she wasn't going to hear it. She just said 'What do you want'. I texted 'call me'.

My heart was pounding. This was absurd. Moments later the phone rang. She answered 'What do you want'. Her voice was so feminine but strong and mature. I was instantly turned on. Please let me serve you and I will do whatever you say' 'That is fucking disgusting' she said. Lauren, you deserve to have someone serve you. You'll get so much out of this, think about it. Ill pay for your stuff, I will write your papers, clean your room. She cut me off 'So you want to be my bitch I sounded so pathetic but I had decided to give in and desperately try to get this to work.

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I mean, it didn't matter if she said no-as of right now she wouldn't have anything to do with me anyway, right? Lauren hesitated 'Ugh you are so pathetic. I continued pleading 'Think about it, you'd have someone completely submit to you. You'll be my boss and I will do anything for you. Your life will be so easy.

Lauren started 'Okay, just stop begging it's fucking annoying. You have to do everything that I say or I will get rid of you without a thought. I profusely thanked her and we talked a little bit about how to go about doing this. She said I could come over in a few hours and start by cleaning her room. She lived in a house with a few of her female friends. It was going to be super humiliating because I went to highschool with all of Foot humiliation stories.

Now they would see me being Lauren's bitch. This was so crazy. About two hours later Lauren texted me her address and added 'You will come over and clean my room and we will talk about how things are going to be from now on' I arrived at her house horribly nervous. She opened the front door and just looked at me and said 'ugh' with a grimace. She looked so much more beautiful.

She was always fit, but she appeared to have gotten leaner. Her nails were unpainted and long and her hands moved gracefully as always. She was wearing casual clothes with blue jean shorts and light blue high top converse. They were dirty and tattered and covered in paint and scribbling. Her personality alone made me feel so submissive.

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She was just so perfect and naturally dominant and superior. I wanted to fall to my knees right there and start kissing her feet, but I knew her roommates might see, and I wasn't ready for that yet, however inevitable I tried greeting her and talking about how it had been a long time but she cut me off and said 'dude, shut up. We got to her room and she closed and locked the door and turned toward me with her arms folded.

She started laughing in a really demeaning way and said 'You are so fucking pathetic.

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You know, I would have said no because I want nothing to do with you, but I like the idea of having all this shit done for me for free. Plus, I think this is going to be hilarious' I didn't know what to say. Lauren walked over to her bed and sat down. I had no shame at this point. I got down on my knees in front of her.

If this is what you want, so be it. Crawl over here and kiss my feet you piece of shit. My face turned hot and I crawled toward her. She had one leg crossed over the other. One foot was planted firmly on the ground and the other elevated by her knee. I began frantically kissing her converse shoe. It could smell a stale and faint scent of sweat.

Foot humiliation stories

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