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Marcy Long has proven to be one of the most miserable settlers ever.

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I gave her and Jun their own house -all the other settlers sleep in a common dorm. I ased her and Jun two beds and gave him a guard position and let her run the bar. I figure she could make tips and shit to buy a little bit extra and maybe find some happiness -but NO! About a week later I find that Jun has moved himself into the dorm and the bed beside Marcy remains unclaimed. I arrived at Sanctuary to find she was still just an absolutely miserable person. I thought of Marcy Long first. I put her in the pillory for awhile - I'm honestly not sure how long. Earned the rare Time-Out acheivment!

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Anyway, once I let her out I decided to send her to my newly purloined Castle. Once there I ased her the job of I don't know if she enjoys it or hates it because now she won't say a word to me. Not a single lick -not even just generic settler stuff. I can still trade with her, but that is it.

No conversation. I followed her around a bit, but she never engages in conversation with anyone else either.

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I tried to send her back to Sanctuary to see if that would fix her, but that option is greyed greened? She's a pleasure to be around now.

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I think I broke Marcy Long but its probably for the better. Love Imgur? our team! Use new de Back to the top. See comments. No way! Embed Code hide post details. Copy and paste the HTML below into your website:. Theme: Dark Light Custom Preview.

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