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Now, just as the third game broke the mold somewhat, the fourth changes things up again. The mechanics have had an overhaul as well, and so the question we have to answer is this: Is this a proper FNAF game, or another also ran? We are depicted as who is obviously upset, with tears streaming down its face. Freddy Fazbear himself sits on the bed, again in toy form, and after a few attempts to leave the room via a locked door, the child appears to lie down and go to sleep.

At this point, the game, and the nightmare, begins.

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The setting — the bedroom of the aforementioned child — is somewhat different to the settings of the other games. The idea of the night is to keep the animatronics, who have somehow made their way into the house of the child, from getting into the bedroom and providing the obligatory jumpscare.

Now, the child can look at a door, and make their way to it by pressing the LB button. When at a door, sound cues play a much bigger part than before, and FNAF 4 does also try to hold your hand a little more. As you make it to a door, a helpful text window appears to tell you what to do.

If you hear breathing, you are supposed to hold the door shut until the animatronic goes away. If there is no breathing, you can shine your flashlight down the corridor to see what is happening. So, this applies to the left and right door, where Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica as they are called appear respectively.

You can hear when Foxy makes his entrance, as footsteps sound and then stop, and you can glimpse Foxy through the open door. The last area to check is the bed, right behind us. What happens as the night goes on is that sort of phantoms of Nightmare Freddy appear Fnaf 4 bed the bed, and if they reach a critical mass they will turn the stuffed toy on the bed into Nightmare Freddy and he will attack. Shining the light on them drives the phantoms away, but I can honestly say the first time I turned Fnaf 4 bed to see the phantoms I actually got goosebumps, it was that spooky.

The rest of the story is pretty heartbreaking, as it follows what happens to the child as he is bullied by his brother and his friends, all ending very badly indeed.

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I shall say no more about it, but I have to admit to being somewhat affected by the narrative. Graphically the game is an improvement on the earlier ones, with no static-filled CCTV screens to look through — if you see an animatronic, you see it in all its nightmarish glory. Seeing Chica in the gloom of the right hand corridor, holding a cupcake, is a genuinely scary moment, and listening out before deciding whether to risk the flashlight is nerve-wracking.

With the sound so much more important this time around, I can recommend playing with a set of headphones, as it makes it a lot easier.

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And much, much more atmospheric, not to mention scarier. So, a conclusion then. Trying to keep an eye on the doors, and attempting to keep the little Freddies off the bed, will have you whirling about the place like a dervish, while trying to keep the light illuminating all the darkened places. By the end, I felt like I had been through an emotional wringer, and engaging with the story will make the game much more meaningful. This is a return to form after the dip of the third installment, and I recommend you try it out. But in daylight, if possible….

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The series of Five Nights at Freddy's games that were released on Game Pass for the Xbox One has finally come to an end with this, the fourth in the franchise. The mechanics have had an overhaul as well, and so the question we have to answer is this: Is this a proper FNAF game, or…. Paul Renshaw.

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Fnaf 4 bed

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