Fling ally 3.5

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Forum Rules. Register Help. Stay Logged On. 1 to 16 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Is it possible? I know about the hulking hurler but I wanted to know if there's a prestige class for a small character that functions as ammo for the thrower? Bonus points if it can be done on a Halfling Barbarian. Image by Rich Burlew. There is Fling Ally feat from Races of Stone.

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It let's you throw an ally at least 1 size category smaller then you. Last edited by ColdSepp; at AM. Characters Spoiler. Well, there is the Highland Stalker prestige class- would that make it a Highland Fling?

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No, the Warforged fighter cannot hurl the shifter barbarian at his enemies. Even with an action point. Awesome Avatar by Shattersnap. Many thanks to El Goonish Shive for the banner image. Originally Posted by ColdSepp. Siela Tempo by the talented Kasanip. Tengu by myself. Is that orc so disturbed because someone just threw a halfling at him, or because the halfling looks freakin' weird? To know that just one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded. Wonderful Faithatar by smuchmuch My meager homebrew Spoiler.

Originally Posted by averagejoe. Originally Posted by SilentNight. Ya know, Strife, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but streakster made one of the the best analogies of all time.

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Of all time. Originally Posted by streakster. Awesome elfatar by Sneak.

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Last edited by seedjar; at PM. Off hand, I'd say no, but I have never played a Thrower. You can throw medium creatures up to 25 and small ones up to 75 feet.

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Rock Hurling and Improved Rock Hurling are both feats from the same book, by the way, and the Fling Ally requires you to have rock hurling racial trait, or the Rock Hurling Feat. Last edited by ColdSepp; at PM. Originally Posted by Enlong. I think you would have Fling ally 3.5 homebrew a PrC but since its a one time attack my DM ruled it worthy of sneak attack damage so rogue would be great and I haven't tried it but I heard "confound the Big Folk" is a good feat for the Hurlee. May all praise the oh so glorious, oh so benevolent oh so androgynous Sam! Play as me!

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Fling ally 3.5

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Fling Ally/Enemy Feat effects