Feminize your boyfriend

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Enjoy the new program for women free here. When Jodi wants to remind her husband who the boss is she simply goes to the lingerie draw and pulls out a nice new gift wrapped box and hands it to him. Inside is his reward for being such a sensible man and doing as she wishes. I watch with a mixture of excitement and amusement. Find lo more information about how to feminize the man in your life just by searching for it here.

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Some of my new program members have been telling me why they love to feminize their partners. The reasons are varied, but many have said that it helps their partner understand them better.

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Many others have expressed enjoyment in how they love to assume more control, and like to see their partners being more dependent and compliant for them. Take him from macho to sissy — just as far as you wish. The many women who love to feminize their men can now enjoy FionaDobson.

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For the best in step by step guidance on feminizing your man be sure to check out my program. The first thing to remember here is that your going into this with a plan. Far from it. A wig allows you to adopt a new personality.

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Put it on, and feel the change! So it will be for you. As you put on the wig and apply a little eye makeup you will rapidly discover that your self image changes.

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Wigs have a powerful psychological impact on the wearer. Below is a selection of wonderful wigs that can be bought online and delivered to you in plain packaging. The wig selection below is deed to give you an entry into the world of hair.

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Most are budget priced, and wigs can be very expensive, particularly when made of human hair. Before deciding on an expensive wig, try one or two more budget priced options. This will give you an idea of color, and length that will best suit you.

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Savage Love: How to make your boyfriend “the girl”