Fallout 4 elizabeth mod

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Elder Maxson in FO3 interestingly enough. In celebration of the new star wars movie thought I highlight Captain Rex amazing battlefront 3 mod. After a long period of absence, I'm back with another video:. Long time no see everyone! It's good to be back! Here's a video I made based off of Hotline Miami! Super early testing video of Mallory Lite version.

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Ignore Russell's fluorescent pink head and Mallory's body color mismatch now been fixed. Audio is also a bit gritty in areas as YouTube removed music from my video, reducing quality of lines in places. Still a lot of bugs that need fixing with the duct tape perk.

She seems to spaz out if I put duct tape in her inventory and works fine without. Ah, the joys of gamebryo engine, haha! I'd really just like some opinions on the voice. Been difficult finding a Southern American voice actress who sounded young. Had to settle for pseudo southern accent by a Canadian. Original message: Sat Feb 20, am I think Fallout 4 elizabeth mod have to post Fallout related videos in this thread so I'm going to post my latest F4 Let's Play video Cruzas for Mallory's skin, you're right.

The issue in this early test is a combination of my ENB very bleached and the lower body using original T6 texture. Since the test video, AlexScorpion actually fixed the seem and gave her a lot of dirt and scars. I MAY yet give her one or two tattoos. No romancing here! Strong Rambo, Hot Mama Cricket.

I made this video while I was playing in the glowing seahope you like it guys.

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My latest Fallout 4 LP - Trying to get back into it. I'm back!!! Apparel ports equipped on a bunch of NPCs. An installation tutorial video for anyone having trouble with FCO 2.

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Not playing for now waiting for The Frontier My first time to record videos too and had fun with it. Here are some of em: Been playing around with reload anims and nifskope after watching Hax's tutorials on youtube.

This is my workaround for a scope-less HoloRifle so I can do close to mid range holo shooting without the annoying scope view XD. Just a quick showcase of Hitman's amazing enb. Custom Voiced. This is nothing but non sense. Info Panel. October Gaming Underground Network :: Fallout :: Discussion. Go to. NotJonSena Posts : 10 date : Sponsored content. Subject: Re: Fallout Videos. Fallout Videos.

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Fallout 4 elizabeth mod

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Fallout 4 Elizabeth Mod