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General : mixpd galaxymediapartners. Galaxy Media is a locally owned and operated radio station cluster in the Syracuse and Utica markets. Galaxy ed on the air with our first radio station inand today Galaxy owns 13 radio stations. Interning at Galaxy Media is fast paced, where no day is the same! We would love to have you on our team to help you learn about the industry and grow as a part of our community! We like to offer interns the opportunity to customize their internship to focus on what interests them at Galaxy, since we have so many great avenues to learn in!

The policy applies to all areas of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training and development, promotion, transfer, termination, layoff, compensation benefits and all other conditions and privileges of employment in accordance with applicable federal, state, and Elvis duran leggings laws. Galaxy also will provide reasonable accommodation wherever necessary for all employees or applicants with disabilities, provided that the individual is otherwise qualified to safely perform the duties and asments connected with the job. Must be able to work a flexible schedule — some Monday through Friday hours, however, weekends are a must.

Ability to lift objects in excess of 25lbs.

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Great job for college students! Do you want to banish the Sunday scaries for good with a job you actually look forward to going to? No two days are the same here, so this role is definitely not your standard cubicle snoozefest. Our AEs research and qualify prospects as well as prepare, implement, and track sales and marketing strategies to convert prospects into customers. Just ask that little screen time report that comes through every week.

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So why not get paid for it? Oh, you also probably should have or be willing to obtain a pair of those blue light glasses. Lots of screentime involved in this job! Support them fully? Let him know! Both at work and in life. What celebrity encounter would leave you starstruck? Food is always the best purchase. People are always shocked to learn that I write with my left hand. No matter your allegiance, sports fans have Paulie Scibilia to thank for keeping their favorite sports programming on the air here at Galaxy.

Ex: parallel parking, carrying all the groceries in one trip, etc. Waking up. I understand the struggle but my intestinal fortitude and strong mind allow me to get out of bed daily. Danny Elfman. Yes Please! I still watch the TV show Different Strokes. I own every episode on DVD. When I need a pick me up. I turn to the Drummond family. Gary is the Brand Manager and afternoon drive personality for Mix His bold on-air presence, passion for connecting with listeners, and Elvis duran leggings endless fountain of energy make coming to work each day fun.

I can make a mean grilled cheese, I can wiggle my ears, random useless knowledge. What celebrity encounter would leave you star struck?

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During college, I worked as a singer in a theme park in Cincinnati Ohio. The senior superlative you would have won Elvis duran leggings high school would be: Most likely to be recognized by their laugh. She finds creative ways to incorporate local businesses into these events in a way that makes sense for both business owner and attendee. Wife, employee, driving while putting on makeup, and talking on the phone 2. Jason Momoa 3. Blow dryer that was also a brush 4. What could the world use more of? Less selfish people. So as individuals we need to take more time out to help those who struggle to help themselves.

Instead of standing by and pointing and laughing and making up your own story, why not stop to ask that person their story and help them out. I delivered my son Parker all by myself, no nurses, and no doctors. I am Super Woman!

The senior superlative you would have won in high school would be: Life of the Party.

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Chrissy Teigen. Wireless headphones. Also, my library card. But that was free…. Being in a large group for a while drains me and I have to watch TV or read to recharge my batteries. The senior superlative you would have won in high school would be: Elvis duran leggings was this close to winning Most Likely to Be Famous, but I lost by one vote.

I was on the yearbook committee, so I know this to be true. Lessons were learned that day…. If you love listening to all things Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, Alex Conn is the guy behind your favorite station. Alex has been with us since he was an intern with The Gomez and Lisa Morning Show and has held many different roles since then.

He took the reins of TK99 this year and takes great pride in the fact that the entirety of his radio career has happened in one place.

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Besides loving classic rock, Alex is a major foodie. Other than cooking… I can make an abnormally loud and fast bubble gum pop. Maybe not so much haha. No doubt about it — Ken Griffey Jr. Best ballplayer ever! Bill Murray movies. I am convinced there will never be enough. I am a huge fan of heavy music. I love all kinds of music but grew up in my teenage years listening to heavy metal and punk bands — still love it today! The power of this really sank in for Marissa at the annual KRockathon summer concert a few years back.

Attending the show with her dad was a summer ritual for Marissa, but this time, she was backstage running the concert. Her creativity yields innovative content on both the programming and client sides of the equation. A hammock chair for my backyard.

So relaxing! I would stand behind a movement increasing the of naps taken. Over the next two years, she learned the ins and outs and the many different needs of the beer world. She was able to take a deep dive into the media Elvis duran leggings and campaign objectives for MillerCoors and was able to provide solutions and suggestions within the HTS landscape both on-air, digitally and in-stadium. She touched every both locally and nationally that advertised on NESN and was able to help bring the sales team to new heights. She is enthusiastic to give back to her community and help local advertisers get their message in front of the large, engaged audience Galaxy has to offer.

She looks forward to being part of the Galaxy family. Dancing, yes you should dance every day. Magnetic onesies! As a first-time mom, magnetic onesies is a game changer! Are you sensing a theme? The senior superlative you would have won in high school would be? Weirdest Laugh. Alison Ryan infuses enthusiasm and Galaxy pride into our office each day. Say hi to her at Aryan GalaxyMediaCompany. The cast of The Avengers. Lululemon leggings! They feel like butter on your skin. Good homes for all of the dogs that need families. His high-energy personality you never have trouble figuring out where Nick is in the office at any given moment and passion for what he does has earned him some serious hardware during his time with us.

Want to talk sports? Fixing things and managing money. Instant Pot haha — that thing is amazing! Focus on what helps the collective and less selfish thinking. I was in a fraternity. Actually was President. The senior superlative you would have won in high school would be: Most likely to succeed.

Carrie loves creative collaboration and truly does a little bit of everything here at Galaxy. Successfully executing the festival each year is one of her favorite career highlights year after year. It makes sense because Carrie spent the majority of her ten-year career with Galaxy in our events division. In October, she was promoted to COO. I can travel through the airport on my own with 3 kids, 1 stroller, 2 car seats, and a carry-on bag… and sometimes I can make it look easy!

What celebrity encounter would leave you star-struck? I once met John Voight in an airport. I love the show Ray Donovan Elvis duran leggings had a hard time thinking of him as anyone else besides Mickey Donovan! He was really kind and friendly- I spoke to him for about an hour and never told him that I knew Elvis duran leggings he was. My sunglasses… a wise woman once told me that if I invested in a good pair of sunglasses, I would stop losing them!

Elvis duran leggings

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