Dva new emote

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Oh my god. She has what is obviously doritos and dew. Have my children Blizz, you deserve it. As awsome as it might be, I'm still sad that you cannot actually play the game. I was afraid they'd do this Sigh, maybe I'm a curmudgeon. Gonna have to get used to annoying fandom memes leaking into the game from now on I guess. Some of those emotes were fantastic. Va's, of course, but Symmetra making a stool to sit on was creative. Can't wait to have a death room and just sit on the other side watching.

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Found the internet! New legendary D. Posted by Jet Fuel. Sort by: best. Blizzard World Mei. New Legendary D. Continue this thread. Chibi Mei. The gremlin is real! Thank you Blizzard. SHouldnt texts be mirrored since we are looking it from front?

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Pixel Zenyatta. Trick-or-Treat Mercy. Did anyone not notice twitch chat! Spending my credits on it the minute this patch releases. How does Zarya not do the Slav Squat for her sit emote!!! Ah nu cheeki breeki iv damke. It's a bird! It's a plane! Instead, Reaper gets the slav squat. More posts from the Overwatch community.

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Dva new emote

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New legendary notthatquincyjones.com emote, new taunts for all heroes