Dramond green penis

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Down: They still lost the championship.

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Up: He's in this fantastic Beats ad. Down: He got arrested on assault charges following a Michigan tiff. Up: His dick, all over the internet Sunday. In an incident that I will regularly use to point out to people that just because one is a 20something man one is not necessarily good at using social media, a picture of an erect penis appeared on the year-old athlete's Snapchat My Story, remaining only briefly before being deleted.

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In the photo, which a straight-but-not-narrow man I know described as "an unflattering picture that really didn't give me a full sense of the dick in play," one sees a portion of a male member, with the scrotum hidden by a wadded-up sheet. Which, given Green's predilection for aggressive contact with other men's testiclesperhaps makes sense — he knows, better than most, that those things need to be protected!

If you must, you can view the as-NSFW-as-it-gets photo in question here.

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Green's suffering continued behind his back, as his teammates mocked him as the interview continued. I laughed aloud that this video, and I think you might, too. It contains use of profanity, so turn it down or headphone up if you're in mixed company. But despite the self-pitying tone of his initial tweet that cried "hacked," Green asserts that he's still living the dream. Stay up to date! Initially, Green claimed that he'd been hacked: Hacked Keep it up! Share this.

Dramond green penis

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Draymond Green apologizes for posting penis photo on Snapchat