Dragon ball z female super saiyan

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Dragon Ball Super has done an excellent job of keeping Goku's story interesting and exciting. Additionally, Dragon Ball Super has finally made Broly a canon character as well as introduced brand new Saiyans from a completely different universe.

Some of these Saiyans are unimaginably powerful, even excluding the fused Saiyans. Fused Saiyans are kind of like cheating as they are guaranteed to be stronger than any singular Saiyan on their own. Gotenks, Kefla, Vegito, and Gogeta are unequivocally at the top of the list with respect to raw power and are in their own upper tier of fighters far above the individual Saiyans. Cabba is certainly the weakest Saiyan on this list. Not only does he struggle in every fight he's been seen in, but he also has almost no muscle definition whatsoever. Even when he finally achieves Super Saiyan he still looks incredibly frail as his muscles barely bulk up in response to the transformation.

Pair this with the fact that Vegeta was more or less going easy on him, Cabba alone doesn't indicate to viewers that the Universe 6 Saiyans are anywhere near the level of Universe 7 Saiyans. While Cabba does land some good shots on Vegeta and again during the Tournament of Powerhe is still bottom of the barrel when discussing powerful Saiyans.

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Goku and Vegeta's bloodlines are incredibly powerful, and as such, at only seven and eight years old respectively, Goten and Trunks are the youngest Saiyans to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation. Despite the age gap, Goten and Trunks are relatively evenly matched.

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Trunks tends to get the upper hand against Goten as he is just a bit stronger and a lot smarter, but Goten will soon be closing the gap as he matures and gets stronger. Despite being children, they are capable of holding their own against some pretty powerful adults. Gohan was quite a formidable Dragon ball z female super saiyan in his youth. Though, since giving up his training he has certainly gone back a few steps. During the events of Dragon Ball SuperGohan has all but hung up his Gi to pursue his dreams of academia. There are a few moments where fans are reminded of Gohan's power, but they are few and far between.

Paired with the fact that Gohan refuses to rely on the Super Saiyan transformation, preferring to improve his human side, the gap between him and his father has never been greater. Caulifla is one of the newer Saiyans fans are introduced to and she wastes no time showing everyone how powerful she truly is.

Caulifla appears to be a bit of a bully, and no one on Sadala appears to want to mess with her despite her being just a kid, suggesting she is a mighty force without even knowing about Super Saiyan. However, once her personality is shown more, viewers liken her to a younger, female version of Goku as she only wants to fight and grow stronger after learning about her peoples' transformation.

Caulifla even learns Super Saiyan 2 from Goku mid-battle in only a minute or two. If Caulifla returns to Dragon Ball Superfans will be excited to see how strong she has become. Being from an entirely different timeline, it is hard to compare Future Trunks with the other Saiyans as the metric for power appears to be different between the timelines.

However, Future Trunks has shown his incredible power on many occasions in the main timeline. Once Trunks reached his patented Super Saiyan Rage form, he was able to finally put an end to the wrath of Zamasu squared. It's difficult to know whether or not Trunks continues to train, especially since he and Mai seem to have settled down, but Future Trunks is one of the more powerful Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super.

Kale has subtly become the female version of Broly for her own universe. Despite not having any real interest in fighting, she has an incredibly powerful form known as the Ikari form which is incredibly similar to the wild greenish rage Broly experiences. If Kale was able to control this rage, she would likely be higher on the list.

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However, as she barely ever uses it and has little to no understanding of it, her power is more of a novelty than a tool. Considering Universe 6 was a favorite among fans, the next Dragon Ball Super arc may include a more controlled, much more powerful version of Kale.

Vegeta has come such a long way since his early days of Dragon Ball Z, not only in character but also in power. Vegeta also surpassed Goku for a time during his few months of training alone with Whis before Goku caught wind of where Vegeta was. There were many opportunities throughout Dragon Ball Super for Vegeta to shine as the true hero.

Perhaps he will finally get his shot in the next manga arc. Despite being the outright star of the show, Goku is not the strongest Saiyan out there, there are even a few other mortals that are more powerful than he is.

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However, Goku is an absolute monster and should be feared by anyone he doesn't consider a friend. Like Vegeta, Goku has learned some new techniques in the manga and is only going to continue to get stronger as the story continues. The trajectory for Goku appears to be leading him in a direction where he may learn to utilize Ultra Instinct in his base form.

Achieving this could make him the strongest Saiyan, and perhaps even the strongest mortal in the multiverse. After only recently being made an official part of the canonBroly has certainly cemented himself as one of the strongest Saiyans out there. He was absolutely wrecking Goku and Vegeta before they were finally able to successfully complete the fusion dance. Had the two never fused properly, there is a chance Broly would have come out victorious. Since their fight with Broly, fans have seen Goku and Vegeta reach all-new levels of power.

While Broly has yet to be seen in the anime, fans know he hasn't just been relaxing with Cheelai until they bring him in. Assuming Broly has learned to control and improve his Ikari form, he could certainly be the next star of the franchise. While Goku Black isn't necessarily a true Saiyan, he is still physiologically a Saiyan for all intents and purposes. However, given the fact that his spirit or soul is that of a god, Dragon ball z female super saiyan powers are far superior to any normal Saiyans'.

After a few more bouts, Goku Black reaches the awesome level of Super Saiyan Rose, which many fans theorize is an even more powerful, truly perfected version of Super Saiyan Blue. Despite not understanding anything about Saiyans, or mortals in general, Goku Black is able to reach unfathomable levels of power. Being part god, there is also a chance that Goku Black could have tapped into some form of Ultra Instinct. If a different Zamasu were to study everything Goku had learned since the Saiyan trio defeated him in the main timeline and then abducted a different Goku's body, the Z-Fighters would stand absolutely no chance against such a powerful Saiyan monster.

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Dragon ball z female super saiyan

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