Dorky white guy

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This week, the 4's are off to Country Boys Restaurant.

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I've got an itch to go see if we can get into Biscuits Cafe - they have a Dorky white guy shaded outdoor patio, and good food. Seriously, don't try riding a bicycle in Texas I don't know if anyone showed up Sunday, but the weather radar had the rain pretty close to my house when I woke up, so I went back to bed. This week, the 4's are heading to The Henryso let's try Wildflower again this week.

The 4's are heading off to Randy's this Sunday, and I've got a stop planned at Wildflower Bakery in Scottsdale they have a great patio outside. On a sad note, one of our own, Ron Miller passed away in his sleep Monday, and was found by neighbors and police. That's all the information I have at this point, but Debby Brown has talked to his tenant, and Ron's brother will be coming to town Sunday and Debby will find out more, like will there be a funeral of some sort.

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Richard and the 4's are heading to the Golden Corral at 57th Ave. However Dorky white guy am not available to lead the 3's, and there are a of the regular crowd that are also otherwise engaged. Dennis and Deborah are planning a Luci's visit. The 4's will be heading to the Ranch House Grille this Sunday. See the schedule over there on the left to see the rest of their September destinations. And as for the 3's, I'm running out of ideas and parks with the Dreamy Draw closed, so how about we ride around Arcadia for awhile and then stop at the AJ's at 44th St.

There's a nice outside patio that is mostly vacant in the early morning. I know I've been missing my mid-ride java fix. Bring a snack, or buy one at AJ's. Helmets are required, don't forget to bring water! Wednesday, October 6, October 10 - Biscuits Cafe. Here's a single from John Mellencamp's new record, with Bruuuuce. Rock on Tuesday, September 28, October 3 - Wildflower Redux.

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October begins our AM starts. Thursday, September 23, September Wildflower Bakery. Shine on you crazy diamond, Ron Monday, September 13, September 19 - Substitute Leader. I'll be back on the 26th. Have fun Thursday, September 9, September 12 - Scramble. The 4's are heading off to Biscuits Cafeand for the 3's I have a route planned down 40th St. Forecast is for a high of for Sunday. Hopefully it's the last of the nasty heat for the year.

Thursday, September 2, September 5 - AJ's. As a follow up to last week's Youtube comedy bit, welcome to Quarantine Kitchen! Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

Dorky white guy

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