Do women like hairy balls

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The other day a curious question was presented to me: Many women shave their vaginas, so should their hairy-balled boyfriends shave their junk in solidarity? Does shaving your balls make you a better feminist? It was a delightful question. Then I remembered that I had laser hair removal done. Shit, I thought. But here are two reasons you should considered shaving those bad boys. David Ortmannpsychotherapist and sex therapist, says that shaving your balls can make the approaching summer heat more manageable.

On the other hand, pubic hair also helps sweat coagulate, which could mean no more swamp balls. The bottom line is that you should do whatever you want! Having my vagina lasered makes me a good feminist because I wanted my vagina lasered. Women with full bushes are good feminists because they want full bushes.

Therefore, women, trans women, and non-binary folks get to do whatever they want with their pubic hair.

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So do men. That means you only must shave your balls if you want to. You can even have them waxed or lasered if you please. Some women who prefer themselves fully shaved may enjoy a hairy, stinky man-mess on their boyfriend.

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Ortmann continues to make a great point that if things are seriously out of control down there, it might be polite to at least trim a little. In case you missed our primer on shaving safety a while back, I called Ortmann to get tips on the best and safest way to shave your balls. Here is his top-secret recipe for perfectly-shaved balls:.

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If you have a bathtub, pour about two capsules of baby oil in a warm bath it keeps the skin supple, and it also softens the hair. Sit in your bath and massage your genitals. Start with a clipper if plugged into an outlet, obviously do not use in the bath if your balls are extra hairy. Pull the excess skin around the scrotal sack as tight and taut as possible to minimize nicks and give you a closer shave. Rinse it off. In conclusion, do you need to shave your balls? Only if you want to.

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Or, if you want to be a gentleman about it, only if your partner wants you to. But remember: baby oil. Injured balls aren't good for either of you. How to do it without shaving your balls off :.

Do women like hairy balls

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Should Men Shave Their Pubic Hair? What Women Really Think