Do horses masturbate

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Jun 9, ed May 24, Yes, some horses do masterbate. Usually they'll rub themselves on their bellies though. Not sure if that's what's happening in your boy's case.

There is a difference between that and a relaxed male horse just dropping his penis and it getting bumped around a little though. ed May 26, Got to be one of the funniest things you could possibly imagine.

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ed Jul 27, My boy has his out stiff as a doornail and bangs it against his belly. That is typical stallion " joy "!!! ed Feb 2, I have seen a video of a horse humping a hay bale. Now that was funny. Then another one, it was great. A studs first time, and he passed out! Typical male! ed Jan 30, Ha ha the colt out at the farm gets his 'thump' on the same as your boy, Spyder.

You should have seen my face the first time I saw it, lol! ed Dec 29, ed Feb 15, MIEventer said:. He's a big kid now! ed May 27, ed Jun 8, That must be where Barrel Horses come from! ed Jun 2, ed Jan 21, ed Jun 16, You learn new things every day.

ed Oct 18, You could imagine my dismay when I was new to horses 4 months to be exact when I brought Do horses masturbate home and He did this I was petting him, he dropped and started flexing!! I'd say he was quite relaxed around you. After you have worked with animals for as long as I have, you have seen it all. Animals truly have no shame. BTW, its been raining here steady for the past week hence the reason I have no recent pictures of Laddie in our neck of Oregon It really hasn't been that bad here lately, just overcast with sprinkles!

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I love some stormy weather after a long hot streak, but now im ready for the hot weather again. Yes, I think he is getting even more comfortable around me now, he let me clean his sheath and ive never done it before, so that was like in a weird way a bonding experience? I just saw that you're from central area, we have gone out there to the national forest?

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Do horses masturbate

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do horses masterbate??