Diapering my husband

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I make my husband wear adult diaper. When he used to come back from the bath room, the front of his pyjama pants was wet. I would snuggle up to him and feel him and it was ikky. I told him that was really gross. One day I just bought a pack of adult diapers and told him to try one. He does not wet them but it does stop his pants getting that wet patch. I actually now enjoy snuggling up and feeling him through the diaper. My husband never admits cheating on me until I confronted him with the proof of his infidelity.

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It was really a bad experience to have. My husband was incontinent before we got married but it was never as bad as it is now. I thought he was having a midlife crisis. My husband is a difficult guy to deal with at times but seems to get overwhelmed by his incontinence. We have been married for 20 years and about 10 years ago I took the bull by the horn so to speak.

It was not the case! I was plain old tired. I told him that he would take a shower and alert me when he was done.

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I would put him on the bed put some lotion on his diaper area and perhaps a little tug here and there, always make sure he had his plastic pants on, he is a side sleeper. I would diaper him and call him my big strong man, small spank on his butt then Hand him the remote control and tell him to turn on the tv to on demand and so i could catch up Diapering my husband my shows. He could wait for me to get out of the shower and sometimes I let him between my legs with his tongue while i watched my shows, nothing more exciting that looking at his bald head between my legs and telling him how and where to put his tongue.

My nipples are not sensitive at all, he might as well be sucking on my elbow! You did take the bully by the horns. Take it the next step and you will completely dominate him. Then start breastfeeding him two or three times a day you will soon lactate bonding baby and mommy ever closer. Turn a spare room into his nursery complete with adult size crib and changing table. Let us know how it works out. Absolutely all males should be kept in diapers Diapering my husband plastic baby panties and breastfeed twice a day.

Baby panties should be pink and lavender and rumba plastic baby panties are a must to highlight there thick diapers and sissy panties. If you do this your males will be totally submissive and powerless. Feed them baby bottles hourly to become incontinent quickly rub the front of their wet diapers through their smooth plastic baby panties until the climax permanently associating wet diapers with pleasure.

Oh by the way I forgot to say I would rather stay in wet diapers then allow my wifes mother seee me being changed.

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I accept Diapering my husband I need p at night but my wife was very understanding. Now after reading all these posts wife puts me in night diapers like I am her. This is not how a man should be treated. I have told my wife if she refuses to let me stay home on my own, I will start wetting my pants in front of her mother to see if that gets rid of her.

What else can I do to be a man in my own house? So why has your wife asked her mother to watch you? And does she let you put your own diapers on at night or in the day time? I love wetting my thick diapers and wearing my soft supple plastic baby panties. I wear an m4 diaper with three overnight size 6 baby diapers a male insert as stuffers and 2pair of clear Laytex plastic baby panties a 12 hour diaper. It becomes nice and thick as I wet unconsciously and very heavy causing it to rub against my inner thighs so I have to waddle a constant reminder that I am really a diaper loving baby.

Yes all males should be kept permanently diapered and submissive. Sometimes with men, even the difficult ones you have to take charge. They will get used to it and like the routine. I am very affectionate with him during the day and sneak in a few butt pinches and tell him to go and change when i see his diaper is full. I purchased some special needs adaptative clothing to make them into onsies with snaps in the crotch.

It is such a power position with his legs bent waiting for me to snap his onsie closed. I use that time to talk to him about trips with my girlfriends and brunches. These are things he would never listen to me during the day.

Oh i just thought of it, one time he was particularly annoying to me. Diapering my husband was dropping him off at the airport. I had found an old spare binky I had from when the kids were younger earlier in the week cleaning out some old boxes. You knew you could wear the pants in the marriage and he would wear the panties, plastic baby panties of course.

My girlfriend proposed to me and offered to buy me a luxury car for a wedding present the day she found out that I wear diapers to bed. It was obvious she wanted to dominate the relationship. She invited me to her home for the weekend. Plying me with the best scotch and a gourmet meal after dinner the conversation turned to her new mattress and her concern about protecting it. On the bed was a nursery print changing pad, with triple cloth diapers in the center.

She began to undress me the next thing I knew she was lifting both my ankles with one hand while slipping the massive soft diaper underneath me diaper rash cream was followed with a cloud of sweet scented baby powder. Before I knew it four diaper pins ed my thick diapers at both my hips and waist.

As she drew up the clear latex nursery print plastic baby panties it occurred to me either I had too much to drink or she drugged me. The next morning I felt a cold rush of air as she unpinned my soaking wet diapers. Still not comprehending what was happening I knew I had been drugged and later discovered i was being fed lots of water pills to loose bladder control.

From day one it was Diapering my husband and plastic baby panties. How long ago was that? And is she still keeping you in diapers and plastic pants? Is it only at night?

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After we were married. She was plying me with lots of liquids and water pills. I lost more and more control of my bladder. She is a high powered senior executive making incredible money. She insisted I quit my job. She bought a big house in the country Diapering my husband turned a suite into my nursery complete with adult size crib changing table rocking chair baby dresser stacks of diapers and plastic baby panties, and a giant playpen.

Virginia hired an 18 year old high school dropout that had a baby she is breast feeding me still she is my live in babysitter. I wore diapers under my tuxedo on our wedding day and never have been allowed out of diapers since. She took my drivers and credit cards. I live as her baby. Vibratos were used in my diapers to addict me to wearing them and hypnosis to become a total infant.

Recently she bought me pink rumba panties with satan lace all around. They are stretched over my plastic baby panties. Then a matching short baby dress to highlight my thick diapers and pink rumba panties.

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She turned me into her diaper dependent sissy. Any tips on how to trick my wife into diapering me? Start drinking four glasses of water and take Diapering my husband over the counter diuretic pills before bed time you will wake up having to pee urgently let go in bed. A few nights in a wet bed she will gladly buy you diapers act like you are confused about how they go on ask her to help you.

Good luck. But if you want to get her to suggest that you wear diapers, then I would suggest that you drink some water before bed, that way you will wake up in the night to use the toilet or wet the bed! If you are getting up 2 or 3 times in the night or wet the bed, your wife may suggest that you wear protection at night! Job do! Our daughter is 15 and still bedwetting from going thru puberty.

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She has been wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed ever since she first started bedwetting past age

Diapering my husband

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