Demon hunter underwear

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Search forums. Log in. RPGnet stands with Black Americans in the fight for rights, safety, and justice. In the last year the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community has increasingly been the target of hate and violence, with the recent shooting being only the most recent and horrific example.

RPGnet stands in solidarity with that community.

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We all have an obligation to stand up against racism and bigotry in all its forms. Thread starter dralasite Start date Feb 12, I have just started playing Diablo 3 yes, I know, I'm late to the party And yet I was appalled.

What the hell is there with the characters, specifically the female ones? When you select a female character, they appear in full armor but when you actually start playing them, they wear nothing more than undies.

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Sexy undies. It's ridiculous: your characters are supposedly there for some kind of personnal quest and know they will face great evil powers and yet they somehow arrive nearly stark naked. Would it have killed the dev to equip them with some kind of very basic attire? Something like minimal armor or some kind of travel clothes? Pants perhaps? The demon hunter is atrocious in that way: she looks like she was working in an expensive bordello or a SM dungeon? Is she supposed to kill or fuck her enemies? Or perhaps make boner jokes at attacking skeletons? It doesn't get much better later, apparently you only ever find sexy armor in the game.

At least you end up finding pants after a while. Concerning the witch-doctor, she keeps a posture that looks a bit racist to me does the only black character really have to go around hunched over like some kind of animal? I'm Demon hunter underwear totally against sexy in video games but I would like it if it made some kind of sense The one thing I'm happy about is that it's my GF who wanted us to play it together, so it's a bit less awkward I suppose that this subject has been debated a long time ago but, really, I wanted to vent, it's really frustrating.

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Montegris Mostly lurking Validated User. All characters start near-naked, and end up carrying more armor as they gain better stuff or not. Many barbarian and witch doctor armors don't cover so much. The character selection screen shows the character with an endgame set. The demon hunter carrying high heels is very ridiculous but I don't know As far as cheesecake armors and sexist attitudes to women, Diablo III doesn't really start to ping my radar.

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You also get the ability to display any armor you get as any other armor you've had. So if you get a look you like, you can keep it. Which is nice. I wish the cheesecake was more equal opportunity, and not the default for a disproportionate of the women characters. That said, Diablo isn't the worst offender here - I also play it with my girlfriend, and for At least for the classes we went with. KenM Active member Banned. As your character gets better gear and equips it, it's shown.

Validated User. Yeahhhh, it can be rough.

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It's Blizzard? That's probably all the explanation that there is. Diablo 2 was like this, too. At least for the Amazon and the Assassin, who started without pants. But later outfits for them were at least resonably covering and included body-covering plate-mail, if I remember correctly. That always made me want to get through the first few levels as fast as I could. You do get better looking armour, including pants, quite quickly. DH never loses her high heels though. On the other side of the coin, personally I just can't play the male DH because he poses like a doofus.

The thing that gets me is that there is no reason for the underwear start. I could get it if you had just escaped from a clown cult that forced you to do degrading dances in front of goats but here you supposedly travelled the world in sexy underwear in order to find and destroy a demon. There are games where you start with barely some rags but at least they give some kind of excuse for losing Demon hunter underwear stuff shipwrecked, prisonner, robbed, whatever.

It would have been logical to have something, like travel clothes at least or a ridiculous 1-point armor set.

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And you could still keep the possibility to remove it and show off the sexy underwear for people who really need to get their rocks off Most people here seem jaded but I had managed to avoid such ridiculous sexism in video games for a long time and here I feel like I'm back in the 90s. I would have thought that a modern major game company would have been a bit more mature nowadays, still talking crazy, I guess You must log in or register to reply here.

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Demon hunter underwear

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