Delsin x fetch

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Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. HELP fetch x delsin delsin x fetch oh wait abigail Plus: The girl took a punch at the guy. Well, we all know Nadine did drop some more on Sam…many, many times… I understand there could have been a shortage of voice actors and actresses as well.

Delsin x fetch Delsin is jealous, he tries to act cool with it. He pushes down any concerns he has. He tries, but he gets snippy really easily and he has to step away and get some fresh air. Fetch gets mad fast but she lets it go easy and hardly ever holds a grudge. After Delsin sent you off, you trudged back to your apartment. A silent tear slips down as you remember the things that happened in that very apartment. Your first escape with Delsin, the many mornings with you and him on the couch with fresh buns from the bakery downstairs on the table. Sometimes you got them, sometimes Delsin did.

It was equally. As were many things.

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You always felt guilty over not telling him, even more so after you two kissed on that one rooftop after Hank knocked him out. He trusted you, and that trust lost him his brother.

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But you trusted him as well. Yet you were hurting as well, you trusted and even loved him, you simply wanted to protect him and tried to steer him away from any trap your mother had set up. But now, it was all for nothing. Delsin hated you, Augustine never even liked you to begin with it seems.

You wondered what happened to Eugene and Fetch after they fell.

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Debating whether to call them or not, it seems like they beat you to it. The incoming call from Eugene lightened your phone as you hesitated to pick up the call. In the end you decided to take the call. What the hell was that? Augustine is my mother. At first I was supposed to spy on you, but you slowly became the first friends I ever had. So I would try and keep you away from any of her evil plans. I know I should have told you before, but I was so scared that this right now would Delsin x fetch.

Why would I lie? What more could I lose now? I might as well turn myself in to Curdun Cay. Just one. You grew up in almost total social isolation, always surrounded by guards or Augustine herself. She destroyed everything for me. When you arrive, the chaos is already evident. Deciding that this is where you need to go, you sure are glad the tower is made of glass and concrete for the most part.

You reach the top just as Delsin breaks down the roof to the HQ. Meeting up with Fetch, she, to everyones surprise, hugs you quickly before going back to defending the rooftop.

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Using the glass shards that lie around everywhere, you form some sharp pieces and shot them at every soldier trying to attack the three of you up there. When suddenly I need those core relays! Sharing a look with Fetch, you were both concerned. Delsin needing core relays means he is defenseless right now, for he acquired a new power. She is able to handle herself while you help Delsin. Looking down, you see Augustine has transformed herself into some kind of concrete crab or something. And Delsin can only run and dodge her attacks until Eugene comes back.

Taking a deep breath, you estimate her position and jump, gathering as many broken glass shards around you as you storm downwards towards her. You and your glass wedge hit her just right to destroy her concrete form and send Augustine flying across the room. Delsin x fetch roll a few times, coming to a stop at a little flight of stairs. Struggling to get up, you feel a hand on your Delsin x fetch, pulling you up rather roughly and into cover. Sprinting from around the corner, you create a glass catana and slide beneath her newly made concrete creature, slicing off the legs.

He throws the device inside and goes off to find some more. Delsin runs to the relay and absorbs the energy. Thank you. He stops abruptly, but takes care to not drop you again. Getting down on your own, you block another barrage of concrete with glass. The smoker goes to obtain another power while you distract Augustine.

This goes on for two more core relays, when Delsin finally gets some kind of attacking power shot. You can go help Fetch now! Just as you were about to ask him to stay, some concrete engulfed you and pulled you into the creature. But it took too much energy and you felt weak. When Delsin delivered the final blow, he was quick enough to pin her down this time. In fact, I tried to keep you guys from the traps she set up. It is just that Hank saw us on the rooftop that day and told her. She took my phone and locked me up.

You know the rest. Somehow, you silently begged for him to say something, anything at all. Slowly, you stand up to leave, but your hand was grabbed by an unnatural warm one. One you would always recognize. All of us. Surprised, you turn to him, and to your further surprise, he is smiling at you. I said such horrible things to you. You were mad. Really mad. I understand. Augustine did all of this. None of this is your fault. If anything, you too are a victim.

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And I came to free those victims, right? I need to introduce you to someone and heal my people. From that point on, you knew it would be a hard way, but with Fetch, Eugene and most importantly Delsin by your side, it would be alright. Please leave a like if you enjoyed and check out my other Delsin One-Shots!

It was a bold-as-fuck move from somebody who worked for the DUP and Hoseok felt forever grateful towards his father, especially since he knew that he could have very easily turned him in especially with his tight connections to the very organization that was sowing seeds of discontent about Conduits with every new day. If being true to his own nature, however unnatural it might be to twist ropes of neon around his fingers and suck out energy from lights all across the city, meant being viewed as a criminal, then so be it.

I hope you can forgive me. Delsin Rowe loves to hold your hand. He absolutely loves it. His nonchalant nature can sometimes be the cause of your exasperation. He is marvelously determined but in his determination he places himself in dangerous situations. You understand his desire to help his people completely.

What Augustine had done to the Akomish was horrendous. But that did not calm your nerves. Delsin faced the DUP with not only his incredible powers but with his unwavering confidence. You had once seen the fighting take place from a small sandwich shop where you had been eating lunch with a co-worker friend of yours. You will never forget how your heart tightened in your throat as you saw how persistent the DUPs were when trying to shoot down your boyfriend. The bullets flew so close, sometimes even hitting him. You had watched him take the smoke from the destroyed cars to refuel after the battle was done and you could not stop yourself as you ran to reach him.

Are you alright? Are you hurt? Stop smiling, you idiot, and answer me! His chuckle was deep Delsin x fetch his amusement with how you worried over him grew and he displayed his gorgeous boy-ish smile for you, which you would normally swoon over, but one that was not Delsin x fetch at all.

We own the streets! Delsin Rowe always has the best ideas for dates.

Delsin x fetch

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