Dead rising 3 all bosses

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He does not have access to the full area of Los Perdidos at the moment. Nick is currently at the northeast portion of South Almuda check the map. Nick must fight his way through the area below the bridge up ahead then work his way through the Sunset Hills Metro Station in order to get back into Los Perdidos Sunset Hills district.

There are several zombies down the ramp ahead. Dead rising 3 all bosses moving down the ramp, look off to the left to see an alcove - a grenade and a shotgun is inside for making a boomshot combo weapon that will help out for killing groups of zombies in the area. Nick Dead rising 3 all bosses also climb on top of the cement mixer truck then jump from there to reach the circular platform.

There is also a Frank West statue and plenty of whiskey on top of the circular platform. There are several other items scattered around the area below the bridge that Nick can find as well through a bit of exploring. Run to the end of the area and move up the ramp that le to the tunnel. The Sunset Hills Station does not have many zombies in it After passing through the first tunnel and into the train area, look off to the right to see a set of double doors that are closed - you WANT these to be open. Run across the tracks along the right side of the area then find the open double doors off to the left.

Move into the hallway behind the doors then follow the right set of corridors all the way to the back. Nick will enter a room where he can kick open the double doors from the current side - this will help to make the upcoming tasks a bit easier. There is a hard part coming up but there is a way to make it VERY easy if you have a repulse drink mix. Thankfully, after kicking open the double doors, Nick will be in the perfect area to make a repulse. Move up the stairs across from the newly opened double doors while still in corridor and pick up both boxes of cereal.

Mix one cereal with either an alcoholic beverage whiskeya junk food candy or snack or with another box of cereal to make a repulse. Have two repulses with Nick for sure. Now Nick needs to find a melee weapon and he's all set for the situation to come.

Run up the stairs on the opposite north side of the station. Enter American Satchel at the top of the stairs. There is a broword and motor oil in the back left portion of the store for making a flaming sword. In Ye Olde Toybox, there is a katana, scythe and death mask inside for making variations of the grim reaper combo weapon. Make both or at least one of these. Once Nick has a repulse drink, has opened the double doors on the south side of the station and has a combo weapon for melee combat, run to the destination marker and press the button on the wall near the closed shutter.

A cutscene will trigger. If Nick does not have a repulse drink mixture, you'd best rush through the next objectives that get him out of the Sunset Hills Station because zombies are now entering the locked-down station and they will CROWD the entire area if he does not hurry up and get out of here. If Nick has a repulse, wait until the zombies start to crowd up to where you can no longer tolerate the crowd then drink the repulse to make them stop attacking. If Nick doesn't have a repulse, you better haul ass through the next few objectives.

To start things off, Nick needs to attempt to open the shutters that just closed.

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Run down either stairway then enter the tunnel that Nick entered the station from on the west side and run through the double doors there. Dash up the stairs then run toward the control room controls to the east. Press the button on the controls. The power is out! Run back down the stairs and reenter the tunnel - or just jump off the nearby ledge and take the health damage.

If the double doors were unlocked from earlier on the south side, move through the open doorway. If they weren't unlocked earlier, run down the zombie-filled hallway through the doorway on the left side of the south wall.

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Either way, find the generator switch inside then interact with it. The wire is cut! Gee god, the things that can go wrong! Run up the stairs on the north side of the station. This takes Nick back to the area in front of the shutter that closed during the last cutscene.

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Grab it! Rush back down the stairs and move into the area with the generator control box that Nick just came from. Interact with the generator to fix the wires and turn on the power.

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Enter the tunnel on the west end of the station then run through the doorway on the left side and move up the stairs. Hit the button on the controls in the control room to raise the shutter on the north end of the station. The zombies have stopped spawning - they are afraid of your author's strategizing for gaming.

Many zombies are still in the station however, so be careful on your way out. Run up the stairs on the north end then move up the stairs past the shutter to reach the entrance to the station. Those gang members that locked Nick in the Sunset Hills Station are out in the street, so be ready to fight them.

Kill them and let the few zombies in the street feast on them. The karaoke bar Bibi's Box that Nick needs to get to is up the street to the north. It's on the west side of the west street on the west central side of Sunset Hills. Run down the VIP hallway along the side of the building then interact with the gate door that Gary is behind. Gary will not allow Nick into the karaoke bar unless Nick does him a big favor, so Nick decides to go find Gary's sweetheart Rhonda!

If you're going to do the final side mission, then be sure to perform it before accomplishing the objective of going to get Rhonda unless you don't mind a partner tagging along with Nick while going to the side mission. Wrench O Rama is in the central portion of Ingleton. Take the North Bridge into Ingleton and Nick will run across a stranded survivor along the way.

Rhonda will be yelling phrases as Nick walks up to Wrench O Rama. Enter Wrench O Rama in Ingleton to trigger a cutscene. Rhonda is dying and Nick needs to find a first aid kit very quickly! Rhonda's health is shown up in the top right hand corner of the screen during gameplay like a psychopath boss.

Her health will slowly drain until Nick gets back to her and interacts with a Dead rising 3 all bosses aid kit in hand. Rhonda has two full health bars - the first one is behind the brighter one. Roy's Mart is the store across the street to the northwest of Wrench O Rama.

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It's really best to not get in a fight with the Spec Ops soldiers right now. Nick will lose more health by fighting them and he will also lose time by doing so. The Spec Ops soldiers will blind Nick with flash grenades and they might knock him down with a rocket and shoot him a few times, but just keep running.

Pick it up and then run back to Wrench O Ram and step inside and then use the first aid kit on Rhonda to trigger a cutscene. All of the items that Rhonda requests are in the garage of the current Wrench O Rama garage and they are all labeled on your map.

Gather all items then go back to Rhonda and choose to "Combo Rhonda" while standing next to her. Now that Rhonda is in a more "presentable" fashion, it's time to take her to meet Gary back at the karaoke bar. In her current state, Rhonda does not need a weapon obviously.

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Sadly, Nick can't make a car in the garage of this Wrench O Rama at the moment, so he will have to find a ride outside or use the vehicle that he came to this building on. It's best to find a vehicle then take the North Bridge back over to Sunset Hills then go to Bibi's Box karaoke bar and then open the gate in front of Gary for a cutscene.

You heard Gary. Annie is safe. She just has a bunch of zombies around her. Anyway, enter the karaoke bar. There are many outfits to try on below the stairs. Run up the stairs and look to the left past the railing to see that Annie is tied up on a stripper pole in the center of the club and is surrounded by zombies. Get down to the main floor and kill all the zombies to get the next objective. Run around the bodies and watch for movement if they all are on the ground and the objective still hasn't changed yet.

This is a great combo weapon for helping to clear out the zombies - stand in the crowd of them and use the heavy attack! Be sure to check over the karaoke bar for extra pickups before saving Annie. Step up onto the platform that Annie is on and choose to untie her to trigger a cutscene. Nick will start out in front of the exit to the karaoke bar. Give Annie some type of weapon. Find a car outside of the bar and take Annie to Warehouse C in the southwestern portion of South Almuda.

Don't take the South Bridge since there is a military blockade on the bridge as usual - take the North Bridge into Ingleton then take the Industry Tunnel into South Almuda and it will be a straight shot to Warehouse C from there. If you want to rescue the extra stranded survivor then you'll need to backtrack to her. She is on the east side of South Almuda, across from the South Bridge entrance road.

Enter Warehouse C with Annie to trigger a cutscene. Entering Warehouse C will end Nick's time in the open city for the rest of Chapter 7. You've got to love the instant bad guy we have now. Honestly, I can't stand this part of the DR3 story. Anyway, see the yellow boxes with green lights up on the crane?

Those are the weak points. In order to hit the crane weak points, Nick must have a projectile weapon preferably a gun to shoot at the weak boxes on the side of the crane in order to damage it. The crane has a health bar just like all other bosses that is shown on the top right portion of the screen. Nick does not have to destroy every single yellow box on the crane - each destroyed yellow box will take off a certain amount of health, so all Nick has to do is destroy enough to where the crane's health is taken down all the way.

If you start shooting the crane's weak boxes from the very start of the battle with a Z. R combo weapon, Dead rising 3 all bosses can possibly destroy the crane before it even attacks! The Dead rising 3 all bosses attacks by swinging the crane arm and by picking up containers and trying to drop them on Nick.

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The crane arm will sometimes pick up a pack of explosive barrels and toss them toward Nick. Constantly look up to see where the crane arm is and be sure to use a dodge roll to get away from its attacks. If the crane arm is ever above Nick, it will try to flatten him, so dodge roll out of the way. Eventually, zombies will enter from the opposite side of the container yard and Spec Ops soldiers will be called into the area. The Spec Ops soldiers can make the battle difficult since Nick will have to watch out for their gunfire and rockets while trying to dodge the crane.

Focus all of your attacks on the crane weak points and run away from the soldiers. Once the crane is finished off, Nick wills start out right where he finished the crane. Any zombies and Spec Ops soldiers that were still in the area during the crane battle will be in the port area still.

Dead rising 3 all bosses

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