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He wanted to test his mental and physical strength to inspire other Forces veterans, so decided to tackle the km Desert Ultra, one of the hardest races in the world…. David, why choose the Desert Ultra km? And tell us a bit about what was involved… It was tough, like death, but I wanted to put myself through a really tough challenge to inspire others.

It involved 45 hours of carrying 45lbs across five stages. I had to be totally self-sufficient. I was camping by myself, competing by myself. The temperature in the day approached 50 degrees and you were always in the middle of nowhere. It was brutal, and David mcintosh workout day it broke my body down.

In what way? The first day I went out I had to do 55km. Then I got cramp in the right. I had another 33km to go and I was wading through sand with cramp in both legs. If I felt this shit so early, what chance did I have? I crocodile walked that last 30km. I was in so much pain that I actually started laughing. I had tears too.

But I was in so much pain and yet I was still going, and I knew then that I would do it. I was broken, but not finished. And that was very powerful. You had to do km on your last day. How did you do it? I had burned out everything in my body, probably even gone through whatever reserves you have. I had no food, nothing, but I felt so powerful. I did that for 18 hours. I started and ended that day in David mcintosh workout dark. At the end, I simply rolled over and had a beer. That beer was the taste of success, it felt so good.

There was no one there to congratulate you and while my mind was defeated and my body broken, there was a great feeling of having finished. How did you sleep each night during the race? I would literally crawl into my tent, have my dry rations and sleep. The last day was the worst. I just had to break it down; 10km, 20km, 30km…. It seems more a mental test than a physical one… It was purely mental. There was no one there to help you, only a red button on your tracker if you wanted to quit. It was desolate, 50 degrees and there were carcasses all around. There you are, in the Namibian desert, stepping in the sand surrounded by mountains.

It was you against your mind. You must have seen some others pull out? This was my first time and I saw veterans of the event, literally the top guys who were dropping out.

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Injury, heat exhaustion… in the end I finished in the middle. I was surprised. I only entered the thing five months prior and was busy with work so actually only trained for about five weeks. I wanted to enjoy the pain.

Why is that? You have to go past breaking point to really achieve, going to that limit gives me power. On the first day I experienced overwhelming pain and I could barely walk through the sand, and yet I was laughing. That was the pain I felt in the Marines, and I missed it. Military guys miss that. I needed to find it. I now motivate l coming out of the military. I found it good going beyond my David mcintosh workout zone. I felt like I was going to die, but at the same time that feeling kept me going. What training did you do? I had five months to prepare but because of work I had five weeks to train.

I did 50k a week, 10k a day plus hill sprints to get my mind ready and have clarity and focus.

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People trained harder than me but were still pulling out. Where does that mental toughness come from? Fight makes you stronger. Everyone can push themselves, but you have to go through the fire and push past breaking point. As soon as you quit something, you stop developing.

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Keep pushing past your breaking point and nothing can stop you. You mentioned earlier you wanted to inspire people, who, how and why? I want to inspire people including military veterans to inspire themselves to be better.

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To do that I work in the fitness market as a PT, with boot camps and via Instagram training and motivational workouts. I try to inspire people through events and social media, and doing events such as this. Everyone can go harder and push themselves. My passion this year is to motivate my fellow military brothers to regain their spark for life, to empower young people with positivity. I want to show people that absolutely anything is possibly with a strong mind. For more FitFam inspiration.

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David mcintosh workout

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