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The competition, which comes to a close at 9 tonight on MTVpits a group of lesbians against a group of straight men for a chance at a relationship with bisexual Internet celebrity Tila Tequila. Maybe we haven't seen it all. Amidst all this chaos, year-old Dani Campbell pronounced Danny became a fan favorite as well as one of Ms. Tequila's final picks Danny from tila tequila her natural, down-to-earth personality. Going into tonight's finale, it's down to her and the remaining male contestant, Bobby Banhart. In spite of whether the firefighter from Florida earns that top spot on Tila's more than 2 million-strong My.

Campbell, who doesn't watch a lot of reality TV, wasn't completely immune to the zany antics. She won a pie-eating contest, chowed down on bull penis and washed a car with her spongy, pink bikini. The obligatory indignities didn't stop there. As the pool of prospective love connections was whittled down to the final four, Tila, who was raised in Houston, visited each contestant and their families in their hometowns. Not only did Campbell have to explain Tila's interest in both genders, but she also had to confront her grandmother with her sexuality for the first time.

Her revelation went over smoothly, to say the least.

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Tila's visit was capped with the Maxim model giving dear, old granny a lap dance. Back in actual reality, Campbell is getting ready to leverage her TV success into a fashion line. Capitalizing on her on-air image, she's bringing "Futch" to the masses. So how does that translate to clothes? Campbell said her line will be for everyone, male and female, gay and straight. She's hoping to keep the clothes in a boyish style, very tailored with smaller cuts, and she wants to keep them affordable.

She's already had success with her first item, a "Team Dani" T-shirt, which she sold using Cartfly. When the line launches, she hopes to continue pushing online sales. Will the fledgling Internet fashion deer have the support of the Internet social-networking sensation after tonight's Shot at Love finale? Most Popular. In spite of whether the firefighter from Florida earns that top spot on Tila's more than 2 million-strong My space.

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