Coming out on top phil

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Hint 2: Make sure you pick the Presbyterian church towards the end.

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Ever want to hear your computer talk like a porn star? You can hit V at any time in version 1. Any hints on how to get the Amos scenes after the first kissing scene on the boat and before the sex scenes after the match? I am totally clueless after trying for hours haha. How do I get the last 3 pictures for Brad? Can someone please help me? To get the ending, tutor him, encourage him and you will be fine.

There are walkthroughs on the internet for this if you really are stuck. I always encourage and keep up my personal studies but he always gets a 69 on his paper. I have tried the brad route 4 times and every time he fails his paper. How do people even get his route?!? I made sure to study a lot myself kicking ass in schoolalways encourage him, and selected making the beginning and end of the paper the best points, but he always ends up 69ing his paper instead of me D:. Make sure you study a couple times. I am as stumped as you are then because I do the same thing you do, have him do a strong start and finish and he always gets an Any tips?

How do I get the first pictures in ian2? The game is saved in two places, so you can reset the game if you delete the saves there. Delete all the files in that folder. PS: And you need to delete both Coming out on top phil to reset the game the game will always try to take the most recent one and use that to play from.

When he leaves you alone at the table and folks ask you questions, choose all the crazy answers not just some. Hi — Great game! Main tab, photograph one, is unlocked if you masturbate towards the beginning of the game. You may not. Try both! He needs to end up in the toilet.

Was wondering how to unlock the first picture in column 1 going top to bottom and the second picture for the second column also going top to bottom. Shirtless Brad is the best brad.

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How do you unlock the 5th photo in the main gallery? The one before mobster Slurpy. Are there 8 or 9 CGs for Phil because I saw somewhere there was a CG where Phil and Mark were dressed in military uniforms but in the gallery, there were only 8.

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Am I missing something? Ah, they were from a scene that was ultimately cut from the game. The scene was removed but not the illustration. Thank you for the reply. Where can I find a pic with Ian wearing a towel and Mark reading a book with his legs on a table? How can I get it? Which route is it?

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Ah, sorry! How can I unlock the middle and the right picture in line 3? Going top to bottom Both are in Brad. I really need help about the new arts added in 1. After having collected all CGs in the older version, I have no clue where to trigger the new ones.

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Jeds, Alex and one of Phils seem to unlock just by getting a good romantic ending on their routes. Pls help and reply. Hey guys! Before the plane-kiss. To be more precise about what I need — middle CG of the bottom row. My personal favorite!

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You should get CG4. Yay finally managed to get all the updated CGs! Really hope you guys add more content eventually! Such a fun game. They are very similar, one of them just shows up with a different accessory because the roleplaying was a little different. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google.

You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is still being updated. This has spoilers! Amos will show up. Hint 3: Make sure you give Jed the pep talk in the bathroom during the competition. Attempt to kiss him during the sad scene. Hang out with one of them long enough to find out more. Miscellany Ever want to hear your computer talk like a porn star?

Like this: Like Loading I tried that and they just say they do it with out me….

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All i get is that he tells me he is straight. Have sex with him in the bathroom at the church but do not give him a pep talk. I am having Issues with Ian and going to S. Any one give me a hint? Is there a way to reset the game and delete the gallery? I want to start over. Ah, good question. How do I get it?

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Coming out on top phil

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