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In. Closer I Hide Spoilers. TheLittleSongbird 23 October It wasn't terrible, but it was very disappointing. It does benefit from a very good acting ensemble. They are helped by an above average script, that is surprisingly intelligent. The cinematography is beautiful, fluid and sensitive. However, there were a of things that made Closer disappointing for me. The biggest problem was the pace; the film is at approximation just under two hours, however the film takes a long time to get going, and the pace is very uneven, sadly it never recovers.

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The direction from Mike Nicolls is very sluggish, and lacked credibility. I will admit I liked the premise of Closer, but when I got round to seeing the film, its structure is disappointingly episodic and even underdeveloped. My next complaint is more of a semi-complaint. I really liked the overall music, but I disliked the song at the beginning. I think that was mainly to do with the singing voice of the vocalist, I found it very flat for my musical ears.

All in all, Closer isn't a bad movie.

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Unfortunately, despite the fine acting ensemble, there were a of things that didn't work for me. Was this review helpful? Story wise there really isn't anything too original but the main highlight, and the purpose of the film, is to show off the acting talent and all four le turn in the best work I've seen from them. The highlight is Clive Owen who plays a total snake yet he makes a point in his meanness. I went back and read a lot of reviews of this title and I was pretty shocked that none of them mentioned Nichols' Carnal Knowledge, which, in my opinion, this could have been a retelling of.

SnoopyStyle 5 February Alice knows she's losing Dan. Larry marries Anna but the wander eye strikes again. Director Mike Nichols is going minimalist with Patrick Marber's play. This is a movie with four incredible performances. Clive Owen is brutal. Natalie Portman is hurt.

Jude Law is childish. Julia Roberts is wonderful. They are doing some of their best work here. Don't come for a rom-com. This is emotionally vicious, damaged, pathetic human relationships. Kirpianuscus 5 September It is one of film who, for Closer strip scene time, I refused to see it. The cast was the main reason - so impressive than the dissapointment is prepared from start.

After I saw it, except the webb of relations, the remarkable performance of Natalie Portman remain the most important memory. A film about love and revenge and men more about women and dark games and pure fury. Great for the storms discovered in yourself after final credits. Dan writes a book, inspired in the life of Alice, and while photographing for the release of the book, he meets the American photographer Anna Julia Roberts. Dan "introduces" the dermatologist Larry Clive Owen to Anna, and they get married. However, Dan and Anna have a passionate affair, complicating the relationship of the couples.

The dramatic story is an intriguing tale of relationship, with love, passion, betrayal, forgiveness, insecureness, infidelity, elements that shall be handled very carefully by the director and screenplay writer; otherwise it might have become a Closer strip scene or corny soap-opera. In this regard, the screenplay of Patrick Marber, and the direction of Mike Nichols, using ellipsis and flashbacks to present the events, sometimes years or months later, is spectacular, working perfectly in the film.

This is the first time that Clive Owen proves at least for me that he is a good actor, with an awesome performance. Natalie Portman is also fantastic and they really deserved the nominations they received in many awards, including the Oscar. Natalie Portman is also very beautiful and shows an astonishing body. Julie Robert, still a very pretty woman, and Jude Law, complete the outstanding cast of this great movie. I liked a lot the surprising revelation disclosed in the end of the story. My vote is nine. Well acted but too extreme, convenient and lacking the development that would have made the characters people I care about bob the moo 17 January After a chance meeting at the scene of an accident, Alice and Dan start seeing each other and fall in love.

Anna and Larry fall for one another and start seeing each other while Dan and Alice continue their relationship. However desires, the truth and complexities in modern relationships all see things falling apart as easily as they first came together. Perhaps it says something about the majority of films released in the cinema these days but, whenever we get one that is dark, adult and edgy it is almost a given that the critics will fall over themselves to praise it and many viewers drawn to it will go ready to appreciate it no matter what.

So it seems with Closer: an adult, bleak, dark look at the selfish and fleeting nature of "love" that is deeply flawed despite being still worth a watch. That is the narrative and the lack of development. Like I said, a lot of it is convincing; yes these people are stupid in love, driven by desires and unlikely to ever be happy but then that is what a lot of people are like to a lesser extent.

The exaggeration and the lack of inner development within the story combines to damage this and it does regularly lose this convincing touch because it goes too far or does things in a lazy fashion the heavy reliance on coincidence early on is an insult to the audience. For example the final twist in the Closer strip scene is very interesting but yet we are given nothing to help us understand the character it involves or even care about it retrospectively. It is a real shame because the cast try so hard and are so good that it is hard not to like their performances.

Roberts is very low key and, perhaps deliberately, underplays a lot compared to the others. Like me, Law may not have totally understood his character and didn't cope as well with the complexities within him but still does well with the role. Portman is difficult for me to judge because I do have a lot of time for her and Closer strip scene is hard to be objective. I didn't feel that her character was well done at all but that she as an actress had done the best she could with it regardless. Overall this is a dark, edgy and adult film and it does make a change from the constant action movies and teenage thrillers in the multiplexes but these factors alone do not make it a fantastic film, even if it does make it an interesting film it is certainly not a "triumph" as the poster proclaims.

The cast are roundly great but it is hard to really care about it enough. Don't be fooled by the names in the cast. This is not your typical romantic movie. So be warned!! This is however a very true, down to earth and gritty take on reality.

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Relationships in the new millennium if you will. But again don't expect any romanticism! And although this sounds and indeed is harsh, this is what makes this movie so wonderful. It hurts to love it So you might despise it because it hurt, while you watched it, but that was the overall intention! From Golden Globe nominated director Mike Nichols The Graduate, The Birdcage this is one of the most interesting and open dramas I've seen in ages, all about relationships, and with only four big stars, no need for other supporting characters.

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She wakes up, and after all the check ups for health, on a bus she introduces herself as Alice Ayres, and she reveals she is a stripper from New York City coming to London to leave a bad relationship. Before they say goodbye to each other, she asks if he has a girlfriend, and he says "yes".

One year later, Dan is having his photo taken by American photographer Anna Julia RobertsDan and Alice are living Closer strip scene, and Dan has written a romantic novel about his life with Alice the photo is part of that. Anna mentions Closer strip scene she likes to go to the aquarium and possibly take photos of people, and she reveals to Dan she is separated from her husband. They do go into a kiss, but it ends when he mentions his girlfriend, and soon enough the doorbell rings, it's Alice, and she heard their conversation on the intercom, so instead of slapping Dan, she asks Anna to take her picture.

Anna is there, but Larry is embarrassed to know that he has been duped. Four months later, Dan and Alice are going to Anna's art exhibition, and Dan's father has died, he is going to the funeral after the exhibition. Alice sees her own portrait, and there meets Larry, and she learns in their chat that him and Anna are dating, Dan though still has feelings for Anna, oh, and his book failed. Another year later, Dan admits to Alice he's having an affair with Anna, and the same time, Anna and Larry, now married, Larry admits to sleeping with a prostitute on his trip, and she tells of her affair with Dan.

Six months later, Larry enters a strip club for a drink, and spots Alice as a stripper, so he arranges a private dance no touching and chat, he finds it very frustrating that with a camera watching them they cannot express feelings properly. Another few months later, Anna and Dan meet late at a music concert, and she and Lary have finalised their divorce, but she revealed that he only ed after she slept with him.

Another few months later, Dan reveals to Larry in his office Anna has left him, and she is apparently back with Larry, and Larry tells Dan he slept with Alice. Alice wants to go back to New York, and after many denials Alice tells the truth about her and Larry sleeping together, and after a while it goes to New York where she is there by herself.

Dan remained in London, and he sees a grave name on the wall 'Alice Ayres', and we see her real name as she hands over her passport, the name she repeated to Larry in the strip club when he asked her, Jane Jones, and it ends with her walking down the street again. All four stars have their moments, when I said it was an open film, I meant when they are talking their sexual stuff, e. It is rare to see stars of their types talking dirty, and two Americans doing it in a British film is even better.

It may not have been easy to keep up with the time periods, and the various relationships of the four characters can get complicated, but not a bad film. Worth watching! Tweekums 1 October As this film opens one could be forgiven for thinking it was going to be a romantic comedy; we see a man, Dan, walking down a London street as he notices Alice, a beautiful girl with hair dyed as red as the London buses, approaching him; she turns to cross the street and is hit by a taxi.

After accompanying her to the hospital they chat a bit and he reveals Closer strip scene he already has a girlfriend. In the next scene Dan is being photographed by another attractive woman, Anna, he kisses her than tells her that he is currently with a girl called Alice. The forth protagonist, Larry, is introduced when Dan goes to on online sex chat pretending to be a women called Anna; Dan suggests they meet at the Aquarium somewhere he knows Anna the photographer often goes. There is infidelity, there is jealousy and there is hypocrisy as the relationships fracture and reform.

Dan and Larry are the most hypocritical; sleeping with other women then acting as if they have been wronged when their partners tell them they have been with somebody else. While there is a lot of talk about sex this is deliberately crude and unsexy in a way that makes for uncomfortably viewing at times. Even the scene between Clive Owen's Larry and an almost naked Alice, played by Natalie Portman, is cold rather than erotic; in fact it is far more chaste scenes such as the first view of Alice that are sexier.

For the most part the film felt uncomfortably believable but there were one or Closer strip scene moments that didn't seem real; most notably the online chat between Dan and Larry; the text-speak looked like something only would use; not a doctor and a writer! Overall though I'd say this was a sharply written and well-acted film but I'm not sure that I can say I really enjoyed it as the characters aren't that likable.

I'd still say it is worth watching but only if you are an older viewer; the content is both unsuitable for younger viewers and unlikely to appeal to them. Lent to me by a friend who has got this major thing for Ms. Portman, Closer is indeed compulsory viewing for all fans of the pretty little minx; after all, it's probably the closest you'll get to seeing Queen Amidala in her undies, without trawling the internet for candid paparazzi shots of her on the beach.

But even witnessing young Natalie sexily cavorting in a spangled bra and tiny G-string didn't compensate for subjecting myself to this rather pretentious waffle about life, love, and betrayal. Mike Nichol's study of the complexity of relationships features four of the most unappealing characters to ever appear in one film; great to look at maybe, but still unappealing.

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They lie and cheat to those they care about and, although that maybe the point, I guess I'm an old romantic at heart and spending minutes watching people betray those they are meant to love is just not my bag. If I wanted to spend that long seeing how much idiots can hurt each other, then I'd watch Jackass The Movie.

Closer strip scene

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