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Is Christina Aguilera plastic surgery a rumor, Christina aguileras boobs it is true? This is a question has been common in the airwaves with supporters of the leading American vocalist particularly searching for substantive answers. Christina Aguilera is well known around the world for her wonderful voice and devotion to her work. Born on December 18,Christina first appeared on the Star Search show back in Later she was ed to RCA Records before rocking the world to become a popular singer and songwriter.

She has so many music awards and is a highly regarded figure in the music industry. However, prominent as she is, she could be another celebrity who is living with the benefits of celebrity plastic surgery. Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery rumors include breast implants, lip fillers, a nose job, botox, and liposuction. Check the photos and judge for yourself! After her pregnancy, Christina Aguilera added a great deal of weight and her general body appearance changed.

As expected, she became the primary news in many newspapers and TVs with her then podgy figure. She hibernated for a while and after a couple of months, she surfaced looking very different. Her body emerged perfectly shaped and this is when the rumors of Christina Aguilera plastic surgery ran rampant. Many people believe that Aguilera has had four operations of plastic surgery since Christina aguileras boobs started her career.

They include rhinoplasty, liposuction, lip augmentation, and breast augmentation. Just as it is the case with many other celebrities, many people keep searching the internet to discover the truth on Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery. In the s, when her career was starting, her breast size was a B cup size but they later transformed to a C cup size. After she gave birth to her son, her breast size grew into a DD cup but later went down in size. Many people speculated that she might have had implants removed.

The timing however, would suggest Christina breast reduction was due to weight loss after giving birth. In this before and after photo comparison we can see that inChristina had minimal breast volume. Although the laced up vest is tight, some cleavage is visible, and what is there is rather minimal. In contrast, the after photo from shows a more than ample bust line. You have to take into consideration her ificant weight gain at this time. You can see that her face is much wider and puffier than before. It is also possible that she is one of the lucky ones that gains weight disproportionately in her breasts.

The other possibility of course is that there has been some help from breast implants.

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What do you think, let us know in the comment section below? Here is another Christina Aguilera plastic surgery comparison photo, then and now. Well actually before and before weight gain. Here, the after photo is from Christina aguileras boobs In that picture you can her very large bosom. Her chest looks vastly different from the before photo. Now, what do you think. Some others claim that Christina Aguilera boobs are natural, and not fake boobs. They point to the differences in her cleavage being a side effect of her weight gain and pregnancy. This strongly suggests that Christina Aguilera has had breast augmentation.

Many people believe that Christina Aguilera also had rhinoplasty, also called a nose job. Years after she became famous, her nose profile seems to be thinner at the bottom and broader at the tip. The nose job also makes her nostrils appear more even. Take a closer look at her nose job before and after photos. Back inthe budding starlet had a Christina aguileras boobs bulbous nose.

Fast forward to and as if by magic, the awkward bulges of her old nose profile have disappeared. Rumors have it that Christina may have had lip fillers or what some people refer to as lip augmentation. Her lips appear to be more complete than they were in her earlier years. If indeed she had this done, it just made her lips seem more ordinary instead of fake and full like many other celebrities. Here we have photos before and after lip injections. The before photo from shows Christina with a rather thin upper lip.

That was then, now in the photo, her lips are much fuller, especially the top lip. She does wear her lipstick a tad over her lip line in the after photo. Nonetheless, you can still see that the lips themselves are large than before. Here is another comparison photo, then and now. The difference is less pronounced here due to the lipstick application. Her puffy lips caused a lot of commotion with the fans as many claimed that Christina Aguilera lip fillers were distracting from her show. In this case, we hope that Christina used fat injections for her lips rather than silicone.

Fat eventually gets reabsorbed into the body and her lips will return back to normal in a few months. If however, she used silicon or lip implants, the would be permanent forcing her to return for a follow up visit to fix her lips. Along with her lip injections, Christina Aguilera botox rumors have also made their rounds.

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In the AMA photo where Christina is singing, you can see her mouth and eyes open with her eye brows raised yet her forehead is completely smooth. This lack of expression wrinkles is a telltale of Botulinum Toxin, better known as botox. Before inChristina is 30 years old and as would be expected, her facial skin is smooth and free from wrinkles.

Then in the after photo fromsome wrinkles are visible around her eyes and near her nose. Her forehead however, is as smooth as plastic. As a side note, in this photo, it also looks like Christina got a chin job.

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There is an outline of a possible chin implant in the after photo. Christina Aguilera botox injections paralyze and relax the muscles in her forehead resulting in smoother skin. It also prevents muscle contractions, so the forehead stays smooth. The effect settles in the first few days and lasts three to four months. Gossips also go that she had liposuction after delivering her son.

Due to weight gain after giving birth, liposuction might have come in handy for her to regain her shape. Judging by her massive shrinkage though, the bulk of her fat loss is likely due to watching her diet and exercising. Liposuction would be reserved to touch up any stubborn areas of fat loss. In other cases, they can end up with something as beautiful as Christina Aguilera nose job procedures.

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Even Christina is not infallible however, as could be seen with her lip filler fiasco. Christina has never publicly affirmed any of those gossipy tidbits about having any celebrity or cosmetic plastic surgery, yet the transformation is obvious. Maybe her breasts grew due to her advancement in age and childbirth. She may have just enjoyed a super healthy diet and body fitness plan after the birth of her son.

Since she has never confessed, these are all speculations as to whether she has had plastic surgery or not. Until then, nobody can really know about Christina Aguilera plastic surgery gone wrong. Just like many other young women, Christina wanted to enhance her looks.

In addition, her boobs are bigger than in the beginning of her career. Her lips are fuller and they appear puffier.

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Christina aguileras boobs

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