Candy crush 953

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If your game try it Good luck. This one wasn't half as bad as it sounds from the comments above. The trick is Candy crush 953 make a sprinkle and match it to the top right jelly. After that it is plain sailing! Have fun My tip is if u hv any color bombs saved use them.

Wait for each of the top two corners to be same color and strike it. On my 3rd try doing this got lucky first move. I used a color bomb from sugar drop stash and matched it to top corner color. Took out other top with a vertical stripe and the rest was business as usual. Don't frustrate yourself! It's easy if you have the color bomb. Good luck CC. I was lucky enough to get a sprinkle ball and waited until the top right jellies were the same colour candy as advised above thank you and was able to combine it next turn with that colour and by then only had a few easy jellies to get rid of.

So it can be done without using any boosters. Thanks for the tip: colour bomb for the upper right candy. Got it on the second try, with 2 stars. I chose a sprinkle bomb then reset until the two jellies in upper right corner matched AND the sprinkle ball was next to a jelly of the same color.

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Still have to worry about those move bombs. Hate them. Took about 6 attempts but when I passed I was able to make a colour bomb on my first move, so I effectively had the same tactic as using a colour bomb from wheel. I was going to keep it until the two problem candies were the same colour but I was able to get it near a stripe and by pure luck the top right was the same colour as the stripe, my main issue from here was not to let a bomb time out while I mopped up the rest.

So I finally gave in and took the choc sprinkle advice, and reset til I could match it with the problem color. Did that, BUT also need 2 hand switches and 2 hammers. But did it! Thanks for advice fellow crushing addicts!!!

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After reading the comments on this one, I opted to use a hammer on my 3rd try. I was lucky enough to have a chocolate sprinkle drop so I could get the very top one.

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The lower one I was able to get with a vertical stripey. Used up my colour bomb and then got caught with the times bombs. Not much fun as it is hard to get a colour bomb while playing the game. So, if you do not have or get a sprinkle pretty much at the start, you can kiss it goodbye. Not sick of it yet but I can see it happening pretty darn soon. I Candy crush 953 been stuck on level forever. Its seems its just a waste of time. I must of played at least games and never got a good board.

Sick of it. I love getting extra boosters from the wheel, candy drops and the treasure chests. They have been coming in handy on several levels. To finally defeat I selected one of my fish boosters and it worked. I was down to no moves and two jellies remaining but things started moving around and the board cleared and I got three stars.

Love when things like that happen. Only luck will help or free boosters. Not buying anymore. I like a challenge, not just wasting lives and time. Good luck all!!!! Post a Comment. dating

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The big problem on level is the bombs, they don't have a very long countdown so cannot be ignored. All the time you must keep the bombs under control. The second problem is the jelly to right which can only be cleared with a colour bomb, so when you make a colour bomb use it on whatever colour is in that square otherwise you may not get another chance. Other than Candy crush 953 one jelly level is a fairly straightforward jelly level, just remember to check the whole board for good matches before every move.

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Candy crush 953

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