Can cats masterbate

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Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. What's New? Search titles only. Log in. Too many ? I have some gross questions. Thread starter green bunny Start Date Jul 19, I wasn't exactly sure if this forum is appropriate, please move it if it's not.

Okay, this is a serious question. Can male cats ejaculate after they've been neutered? Do they even ejaculate like human males do? And if so, does anyone know what it looks like? Okay, here's the reason: a few nights ago I found this mucus-like substance on some papers I had on a table. There was a small amount, it was cold, so it had been there for awhile, but it was still wet, so it hadn't been there for hours.

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It had no smell. Earlier in the evening I saw Loki sitting there. I checked him over and he and all his orifices seemed fine. Because I saw Loki there, I don't think this substance came from Possum, but I did check him over, too. I checked both litterboxes, and there was nothing unusual in either. The Can cats masterbate after I found vomit on the floor, but I don't really know who it came from for sure, though Loki did not eat a cat treat the night before which is very unusual.

Both cats have seemed fine the last few days. Both are eating and drinking fine. A few mornings ago I woke up and he was licking his genitals, and his penis was poking out and was purple. Is this normal? He stopped licking of his own volition, and has acted normally today, so I think he was just grooming himself.

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I haven't found any more of the mucus-like substance since the first time. I'm really sorry I have to ask these questions, but I really want to know what's normal and what's not. Originally Posted by Green Bunny I wasn't exactly sure if this forum is appropriate, please move it if it's not. A few mornings ago I woke up and was licking his genitals, and his penis was poking out and was purple.

A gross answer to your gross question It could be from either cat The only mucus type thing I've seen from the "other" body openings If it came from the anal glands it would have a very strong odor! Believe me.

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No, this has never happened before, and there was nothing for him to do anything with. I've had Loki for 6 months and Possum for 4 months, and this is the first time I've seen anything like it around. Also, neither of them have ever tried to rub against something for that purpose. It's just that I have no idea what it was, so I'm looking at all possibilities, but fortunately it doesn't sound like ejaculate. I got neutered kitties for many reasons, and not having to deal with that was one of them!

Are you sure it wasn't vomit? Sometimes when mine are working on a hairball, they will hack up just fluid, later the furry sausage will emerge. Jelly, yeah I think it ultimately was vomit. Poor baby, but he's fine, now! You must log in or register to reply here. Latest Posts.

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Cat Behavior.

Can cats masterbate

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Um I have some gross questions