Butterfly penis tattoo

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Tattoo Failure features tattoos fail pics. Enjoy pics of funny tattoos as well as tattoos that are fail so much they become win. Some of these humorous tattoos may give you ideas for your next tattoo - if you have a sense of humor.

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Someone should tell her that her label's showing, don't want her to get embarassed! I would marry her, then make her wear a cropped wedding dress. My parents would be SO proud! Nicee Going DickButtKiss Lick Watever! Marriage Failure!.

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I showed it to my husband, expecting him to either A laugh his ass off or B be at least half as appalled as I was. He gawked for moment and then said "That is so cool. It took me a good 6 seconds to realize that it was not a simple butterfly, but a train wreck gone horribly awry. As a fellow ink slinger, i can see the artistic value to this. Damn, that's the most well-executed piece of vulgarity I've seen in a looong time.

It's like a Magic Eye poster.

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I'm mesmerized. Love it. Wish I could trace it with my tongue. Hmmm mmm good. Tattoo Failure Tattoo Failure features tattoos fail pics.

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Butterfly penis tattoo

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Butterfly Penis Tattoo