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Check It Out! Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule. The series premiered on Cartoon Network 's late night programming block, Adult Swimon May 16, The series has completed four seasons with six episodes each. Steve Brule explores the wonders of relationships and sex. Brule interviews Dr. Dan Dungus about sex. Plus a look at Yesterday's Weather. Son of the Bronx. Retrieved January 22, TV Media Insights.

Cross MediaWorks. Retrieved March 21, Retrieved March 30, Retrieved April 23, Archived from the original on Retrieved Tim Heidecker Eric Wareheim. Tim and Eric Nite Live! Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie. Awesome Record, Great Songs! Hidden Brules rules sushi Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. May 16, June 20, March 18, April 22, February 27, April 4, June 17, July 29, October 23, Steve Brule talks about one of life's most essential means of survival: food.

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He meets waitress Sunshine, with whom he makes a surprising connection. May 23, May 30, Steve discusses the importance of family. Brule meets his estranged father in a park, who is later revealed to be a mere look-alike. Plus a look at sports. June 6, Steve discusses the topic of being ugly or pretty. A look at a high school quarterback. Also, spiritual health. Maria Bamford guest stars, and porn star Ms. Deja appears in an aerobics segment. June 13, Steve addresses his fear of puppets. A visit to a puppet theater le to a bad Brules rules sushi.

An injury occurs during jack-o-lantern carving. David Liebe Hart guest stars. Steve Brule visits a local male strip club in an effort to seek out new friends. He invites his neighbor Steve to assist him on his search for friends. Brule ends up passed out in a gay bar, revealing his own deep depression. In a report on boats, Dr. Steve visits Captain Gary at the marina, scores big with dumpster seafood, and takes a kayak trip. A swarm of wasps interferes with the recording of "Yesterday's Weather. March 25, Steve encounters injury and an old clown at a county fair. A spa and candy store are also explored, with haphazard.

Singer Ron Don Volante plugs new music. April 1, After a failed attempt to visit the US Mint, Dr. Steve braves a job interview, discovers card counting, and angers security guards at a casino. Doug Prishpreed reports on an upcoming decathlon and a failed cannon firing. April 8, In a close encounter of Brules rules sushi questionable kind, Dr. Steve meets with aspiring actor and alien abductee David Liebe Hart to talk extraterrestrial technology.

April 15, Brule finds out he has arachnophobia during his Doctor to Doctor with Sean Roach. Steve Brule goes on a journey through the physical as he meditates on life and then death.

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February 28, Brule witnesses a traumatizing airplane accident involving a new co-host. To assuage his fears, he decides to take an airplane ride of his own. March 7, Brule goes to church and sets out to become a priest; however, he is soon tempted by darker and more sinister activities. March 14, Brule learns about home by visiting the home of Jan and Wayne Skylar, but Wayne dies on-air due to many cancers.

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He then visits Hippy Joel's home, a tent in the woods, where Joel hunts down Brule with a crossbow. March 21, Brule learns all about horses. He interviews clown who rides horses for a living. March 28, Brule visits a day care facility for boys, and learns that if they misbehave you just need to spray them with poison. Later, he helps his mother deliver her baby. Brule tries to show off skateboard tricks, but ends up suffering from amnesia after injuring his head.

He meets with friends and family to try and remember who he is and what he does. Brule goes shopping for a new car and learns how to fix cars; Scott Clam reports on a clam contamination at a local river and mouths the words "I would like to butcher people". June 24,

Brules rules sushi

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Sushi-Making on Check It Out!, with Steve Brule