Brie bella wardrobe malfunction

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This week's "Total Divas" wasn't limited to one major storyline. We had the continuation of the drama between Brie and Nikki Bella, a spat between Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan and the introduction of a new character. Actually, Nikki is quite happy with Cena. She was hurt that Brie and her family went behind her back to talk to him. The drama spills over into this week's episode with Nikki trying to keep her distance from Brie. That proves to be tough from the beginning when Brie and Nikki have to meet with a couple of representatives to go over merchandise. You could cut the tension with a knife.

Eventually, Brie and Nikki talk it out. They chat at a family dinner and Brie apologizes again for going behind her back. Nikki says she loves her sister and her family. It's just going to take her some time to get over whole ordeal. Jonathan wants a lot of kids — a whole basketball team, he says. But Eva Marie is reluctant to have children. In fact, she doesn't want them. At first, she wasn't sure if she could have them due to some health issues.

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But a trip to a fertility clinic and consultation with a doctor revealed that she can. She shares the news with Jonathan, who is happy. But then she tells him that she doesn't want. That makes him not so happy. Jonathan feels lied to because she didn't tell him before they got married. He he to the gym to workout. Eva Marie he to the gym and they talk it out. He said if she told him before they got married, he would've been OK with it.

But she waited and now he feels that she took the decision out of his hands. It seems she's unsure of whether she would make a good mother. Jonathan insists she would be.

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Will she end up deciding to have kids? It's unclear. But Jonathan believes she has what it takes to be a good mom.

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Maybe that will encourage her to have a family in the future. She makes her debut by hanging out with Rosa Mendes. There's an incident involving Rosa during a WWE event. She was on the ring apron and her shorts were pulled down. The wardrobe malfunction exposed her butt, which made her a bit of an Internet sensation.

She was worried about getting fired for the mishap, but she ended up gaining thousands of Twitter and Instagram followers.

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The increased popularity makes her wonder if she should have another wardrobe malfunction to see what kind of attention that would get. With Alicia, she tries to figure out a way to make it work. Ultimately, she determines that it wouldn't.

She's also worried about the impact it would have her career and others. Somehow, Rosa's wardrobe malfunction plot makes its way to management. Mark Carrano, a WWE executive, confronts her and, in a serious tone, says such a scheme would probably mean she would no longer have a job with the Brie bella wardrobe malfunction. Rosa starts tearing up. She says she was just joking around and that it wasn't serious.

Carrano leaves her with some encouraging words, so it seems she's safe. But it begs the question: Who told Carrano? Rosa thinks it's Alicia Fox — the only person she told about the idea. Alicia says it wasn't her, but she does acknowledge that she told some of the other Divas about it. Rosa concludes it was one of the other Divas who told Carrano. The highlight: She grabbed Big E's pecs and asked, "Is this sexual harassment?

Jesse Jackson made a cameo on this week's show. He was in the same room the Bella Twins were in during their merchandise meeting.

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Brie bella wardrobe malfunction

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