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I was the girl in high school that everyone fucked with. Somehow, word got out amongst my schoolmates that I was the school slut. It wasn't true. Well, not entirely true anyway. I didn't make out with everybody. I gave it up more than most of my friends, but what I really wanted was to be the center of attention.

Being "that girl," after all, had its privileges. I attracted and secretly enjoyed both the clumsy groping of boys and the wrath of girls. I pretended to be offended even though I secretly liked the wedgies, titty twisters, and crotch grabs I was subjected to pretty much all day every day. Girls, too, teased and tormented me relentlessly.

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Because the girls were jealous of all the attention I got from the boys, they were way more vicious in their taunting of me than the boys. They didn't settle for copping a feel; they gave me brutal wedgies, hanging me by my panties from coat hooks in the bathroom and locker room, put Ben Gay and itching powder in my panties and bra, and subjected me to all sorts of other torments.

Even if—like I said—I liked the teasing, I pretended not to. A girl, after all, has to keep up the appearances of virtue.

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Both relieved and sad, I thought I had been teased and tormented for the last time Bra connection wedgie stories I got to college. I knew I'd be having sex in college but didn't think it would take the same form as it had in my high school days. Well, one night I was hanging out in my dorm room with my roommate and neighbor and their two boyfriends. Yes, it was two couples and me. I was odd girl out. We were watching a movie and they were sitting on the bunks behind me while I lay on the floor on my stomach.

I was wearing a pair of teri-cloth shorts and a tank top with no bra. I was getting totally jealous when my roommates started making out with their boyfriends, so I kept trying to maneuver myself in front of them to pull my shorts up, exposing the bottom of my butt cheeks and trying to wedge them into my crack. I heard some snickering behind me so I figured it was working, but I wanted them to do more than just look. I went to the bathroom and tied my tank top in knot in the back and pulled my thong panties at least two inches out of the Bra connection wedgie stories of my shorts.

I really needed them to play with me. I came back and laid down again on my stomach and did the best I could to arch my back and push my ass up into the view of the T. I was just begging for them to yank my panties up into my crack or to pants me or to pull my top off. I know it's shameless, but what's a girl to do? The whispers and giggling behind me became louder, and the next thing I knew my roommate Susan grabbed my arms while our friend from next door, Andrea, straddled my legs. I heard Andrea say "wedgie time," and felt a searing pain between my legs.

This, I thought, was the old familiar feeling I had grown to love and crave in high school I say "almost" unbearable because the sensation is somewhere between pleasure and pain. This combination of sensations made me wet instantly. I halfheartedly protested, both laughing and crying, and hoping deep down to get them to torment me further.

As I hoped, they obliged. The boys pitched in, grabbing the sides of my panties at the hips and lifting me up off the floor. This much pain I had not asked for, but it was turning me on nonetheless.

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Hearing ripping sounds from the cotton garment, I screamed "No! Put me down. You're ripping my underwear! Susan screamed, "hang her from the top bunk by her panties! They lifted me up and hung me over the bedpost by the back of my panties. I was dangling there, searing pain and orgasmic pleasure coursing through my body.

I was leaned over so far forward hanging there by the back of my panties that I could nearly pull myself upright and free myself, even though I didn't want to. She stepped up to me and grabbed the front of my panties and yanked them up. The seam of my panties split my now enflamed labia and put direct pleasure on my pulsating clit. I couldn't help but issue a slight moan as my eyes rolled back in my head.

I lay sprawled on the floor. My crotch burned like crazy and my clitoris begged for attention. I was close to climaxing. I just needed to be touched a little more. Thankfully, the girls weren't about to let me off the hook. As I lay on the floor screaming, "Ouch, my pussy is burning!

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Andrea took a whiff of my panties. That's all. We're going to have to see it. She's definitely enjoying it. They pulled my knees apart, leaving me spread wide open, my lips blossoming like a flower. Andrea reached for my sopping, trembling pussy. Andrea began gently blowing on my burning crotch. The soft coolness of her breath blowing over my wet pussy drove me to the edge. I bucked my hips toward her mouth, seeking a touch, any touch. I looked at the boys, who were both staring, open-mouthed and lustfully at my pussy as I thrust it forward.

I threw myself into her. Not a second later, I felt my body beginning to react.

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Bra connection wedgie stories

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