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The Better Booty Pillow is a padded cushion that will help correct your posture while lifting and shaping your bottom at the same time. When you use this pillow, you'll feel more comfortable while sitting in any hard or semi-hard seat, and your butt will likely end up looking more taut and toned, too. You can use the pillow both indoors and outdoors, and it'll come in handy when you need to spend hours sitting on a hard chair or uncomfortable bleachers.

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This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial www. Better Booty Pillow may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay. This pillow does its work by virtue of the advanced microtube technology found inside each one. The tubular fibers inside each pillow's outer shell, along with the pillow's special shape, will help tilt your hips and lift your buttocks as you sit.

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This will not only improve your posture, minimizing any aches and pains you may experience, but will also help you tone your butt instead of squishing it flat. The cushioning inside each Better Booty Pillow will relieve any pressure on your tailbone as it corrects your posture and lifts and shapes your bottom.

That means you'll be unlike to experience any tailbone pain throughout, or at the end of, your day. This pillow comes in either gray and pink or blue and pink, so you can pick the shade combination you like the best or get one of each. With each pillow, you'll also get a second one, so you may choose to leave one at home and one in the car, or one at home and one at the office. Your entire Better Booty Pillow can be safely run through the washing machine, so you won't need to worry about washing it by hand or taking it to the dry cleaner's when it gets dirty.

This pillow is no larger than a standard chair cushion, so you'll be able to toss it in your vehicle and take it almost anywhere, such as the cottage, an outdoor concert, or a Booty pillow infomercial. Its weatherproof fabric will be able to withstand a variety of conditions that it may be subjected to outdoors. If you often experience aches and pains due to slouching or slumping while you sit at a desk or table, this pillow will gently nudge you into a straighter position, thereby making you more comfortable.

Therefore, you won't be as likely to develop lower back problems as you age, and if you already have them, you'll likely find that they don't aggravate you as much.

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The Better Booty Pillow is an ideal choice of cushion for people who drive as part of their occupation, or spend a lot of time in the car traveling to work or picking up. When your back is supported and your tailbone is cushioned by this pillow, you'll find driving much more pleasant and will be able to do it for longer without breaks. Regardless of where you're sitting as you work, if you feel comfortable, you'll be more efficient and accomplish more tasks. This pillow will halt the spreading of discomfort from your butt to your pelvis and up your legs and spine, so you'll be able to do almost any job more quickly than usual.

Your increased productivity may lead to more free time in the evenings, or even a promotion. This pillow will gently nudge your bottom into a taut position, and if it spends more time in this position than it does flattened against a chair, it'll naturally spring up while you're walking, too. Hence, you may look better in your jeans and shorts without losing any weight or doing toning exercises. A standard chair cushion will provide you with some padding underneath your bottom, but one of these won't help correct your posture, and some are so thin that they don't provide much support.

Plus, depending on the fabric used to make each, not all of them are machine washable or suitable for outdoor use. You could also pad your bottom with an ordinary pillow while sitting on a hard seat, but like standard cushions, not all pillows will withstand outdoor use well. A fluffy pillow may also raise you up too high in your seat, while the Better Booty Pillow will be able to support Booty pillow infomercial body while keeping you at just the right height. Padded underwear is available for both men and women, and can provide you with some cushioning while you're sitting down.

However, you may find that your bottom looks unnaturally large when you stand up while wearing it, and you might have trouble fitting in your regular bottoms with it on. Fortunately, the Better Booty Pillow will help you keep your butt taut and rounded all day without making it look or feel larger. Although running this pillow through the washing machine is safe, it's best to let it air-dry instead of putting it in the dryer, as tumble-drying it may interfere with the technology inside.

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Booty pillow infomercial

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