Boners while cuddling

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All of my friends that are girls and I laugh about things like that. When you're just cuddling it's hilarious when a guy gets a boner. He asked what girls thought about it, the girls I know think it's hilarious cool? You're No offense don't be offended Boners while cuddling may be immature, it's not really a big issue to me. My boyfriend and I joke about all that stuff all the time. My comments not a fail if it's what the girls around me think. And you're 19 so I don't really think you can pass maturity judgement on someone who's Why didn't I see your comment before Actually I think I can pass maturity judgment on someone who is 16 considering I Though I am sure at 16 I was more mature.

I still don't see the hilarity in it all sweetheart. Actually I'm not really immature at all, I'm being honest. Maybe you've never experienced this so you don't really know what you're talking about. Sexual Health. I was recently cuddling with a girl and got a boner. I kinda tried keeping it away from her. I don't want to stop dancing with her so I just go with it. Share Facebook.

Do girls think its weird if I get a boner while cuddling? Add Opinion. I told her to be careful cause I might poke her with it and she kinda laughed haha. Show All Show Less. MizMatchMaker Xper 4.

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Nope, totally flattering : I mean if she's cuddling with you, she obviously likes you and knows you like her, so it's completely acceptable. If someone thinks that's hilarious and makes fun of the guy for it, theyre rude and just immature and probably shouldn't be cuddlng in the first place then. Good Luck :. No, it's not weird at all, it's natural. I find it flattering, haha. It's also kind of cute when the guy tries to hide it. Xper 6. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, Do girls think its weird if I get a boner while cuddling?

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Girls, Do you think it's weird if a guy got a boner while making out with u? Is it weird to get a boner while making out and if so girls what would you think about it. Do girls find this weird or a turn off or on? Sort Girls First Guys First. Don't worry she will understand if she notices, I would.

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It's awkward and we laugh about it with our friends later to be honest. I don't think it's weird at all. I would be flattered that I could turn him on enough to give him one. LadySilvr Xper 6. Not weird, should be seen as flattering Littletad 2. ParadoxicalSanity Xper 3. Related myTakes. Prominent Features: Ugly or Beautiful?

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Boners while cuddling

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