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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. The story is around a relationship between a blossoming rebel leader Leia and Boba. Premium Leia content. And of course she keeps hiring the deadliest bounty hunter around for rebel jobs and they both catch feelings… of course. This is just a brief scene from chapter 3 I think? Just a quick practice sketch I had the urge to make is all. Here's the next part of Dirty Jazz Pretty Princess!!! I'm so glad that you guys are interested in it!!!

Warnings: Modern! AU, College! You were lost in thought, anxiously awaiting your shift at Twin Suns tonight. Anxiety churned in your gut, scenarios playing in your head about the mysterious admirer you are posed to meet during your break. Stars, why did you even agree? Leia would be furious with you, you think, shaking your head.

You walk into the living room, spotting Ahsoka and Coranna on the couch, watching a movie. Your two other roommates looked up at you as you entered. You detailed the events of the day before, your two roomates listening intently to your story. All that Coranna told you was that his name was Din. You try not to giggle as Coranna fusses over your appearance, sitting in a parking spot right outside the pub. She had brought out her travel makeup kit that she always has in her purse, and insisted to put some little embellishments on your skin.

You scoff lightly, you could hardly call going to work and talking to a guy on break as a date. She purses her lips applying the lip gloss, her finishing touch on your face before brushing the hair from your face. This Din must be a darling, you think as you step out of the car. You wave at your friend one last time before she pulls out of the spot, driving off for her date. You sigh, shaking your nerves away as you enter Twin Suns. The music was soft, given the early hour. You could hear the soft murmur of the few patrons that were around, the soothing voice of Frank Sinatra a fitting accompaniment for the atmosphere.

You hum along to the tune as you clock in, smiling at Dariina as she catches your eye. She smiles back at Boba fett and leia fanfiction before going about her work cleaning up some of the tables.

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You turned around to face the woman, who raised an eyebrow at you. And get two tumblers of whiskey on the rocks for one of mine. Got it? You were so busy running around trying to get the drinks ready that you did not feel the sensation of being watched. That is, until you heard a familiar voice.

The back, the words ring in your head. Aurra would kill you if she saw. Glancing at the clock, you still had five minutes before your break began. Ah, what the hell, you thought, sighing as you walked around the bar to stand next to Fennec. She Boba fett and leia fanfiction at you, and you followed her as she led you to the back. Your heart stopped when you saw the man at the table. Big, broad, sitting in that leather chair like he owned the place. Hell, he could have, he certainly looked rich enough. A perfectly tailored suit, shined dress suits, and two wrist watches that gleamed in the low light of the back of the pub gave his wealth away to you.

He looked at you so intently, as if he was saving the memory of your appearance into his brain. You were doing the same thing, taking in his beauty. God, he was broad. His muscles were well-defined even through the suit jacket. Your breath hitched in your throat as he took your hand in his, leaning down to give it a soft kiss. His lips felt soft on your skin. Your breath hitched again, your heart nearly stopping. Boba Fett. The Boba Fett. The one who overthrew the Hutt criminal empire and crowned himself King.

Leia warned you that Twin Suns Bar and Pub was owned by the Fetts, but you could hardly believe such rumours. Funny how some rumours are actually true. His lips twitched into a smirk as he shook his head. Just call me Boba, alright? You shrunk into yourself, his intense gaze finally effecting you now that you were in front of him. You heard the man in front of you click his tongue disapprovingly, and your whole body shivered when he tilted your chin up, forcing you to look at him.

He tilted his head at you, his face soft and relaxed. I like seeing you, all of you. You felt yourself lick your lips as you nod, and he smiled at you. You could have talked to him all night, hell, it almost felt like you did. He spoke of his father and his older brothers, you mentioned your family back home. You spoke about school and major, and he listened just as intently as you listened to him spinning stories of his life as a mercenary, like his father. You got so distracted talking to him, that you completely forgot your break ended ten minutes ago.

Until, in the near-silent pub, you heard your boss scream your name. You quickly glanced at the clock, and you inhaled sharply as you noticed how late you were. Get back to work! I wanted her back here, lay off. Or should I find a new general manager? You looked up at Boba, giving him a small smile, and sighing. Though you hardly knew the Boba fett and leia fanfiction for more than a few hours, he already had mastery over your feelings already. Before you knew it, it was eleven, and you got a text from Leia that she was outside. Only now did you notice how his skin reflected in the light of the bar.

Your heart once again stopped. He was asking you to go to an event with him? He then took your hands and pressed a kiss to them. I… will see you tomorrow? He nods, releasing your hands, Boba fett and leia fanfiction you almost felt sad at the loss of physical contact. Boba Fett X Reader boba fett x f! During the following weeks, Din kept bumping into Luke again, largely because Boba kept bringing him to every pre-Christmas party they went to.

Also, Boba often spontaneously invited a bunch of friends — including both Din and Luke - for activities like Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, or sneaking into the municipal forest at night to pick up a Christmas tree. And every interaction with him only reinforced Din's first impression: Luke Skywalker was a master of giggling and blushing. It happened when Din commented how perfectly a sky blue wrapping paper matched his eyes. It was too easy to make Luke look and sound so purely adorably flustered. Whatever else you want to include that you think will help me ie your favorite things, quirks, likes, dislikes, ect.

Tell me who you ship me with! This can also be used as an example of what I would like to see. I am average in height with shorter brown hair and i have green eyes. I wear glasses and am also on the curvier side, and I like to dress in more of a dark academia type style. I am a really introverted person and am anxious around new people and crowds, as a result I have a bad habit of chewing on my bottom lip. With people know and am close with though I am really sarcastic and tend to joke around.

In my friend group I am what I call the Dad friend. I am like the mom friend but make really bad jokes and have endless amounts of just useless weird knowledge. I won't actively stop you from doing stupid stuff, but I be there to help you clean up the aftermath and tell you 'I told you so'. I am blunt and won't sugarcoat my opinions and I am a very opinionated person. I am a reliable person, and I will go out of my way to help the people am close with. I have a soft spot for young children and animals.

I am a really insecure person and make alot of self depreciating jokes, but if I hear anyone else make them it upsets me and I try and let them know how awesome they are.

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I have a green thumb and love being surrounded by plants, as well as love writing and drawing, even if am not great at either. I am also currently pursuing a career in forensic pathology! Pedro Characters coming soon I still need to watch a few things, but this will open up eventually. Summary: Satine and Obi-wans daughter fought in the war against the Empire and lost her faith when she lost Mandalore.

Until she found him. A lone Mandalorian who was searching for a Jedi. Warnings: ptsd. Mention of relationships with Boba Fett and Lando Calrissian.

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Mentions of war and violence. Some minor flirting from Lando. Mention of age gap relationship. Han and Leia's home is nicer than anywhere I've lived in a good ten years, since I left Mandalore to fight in the rebellion. Then again, a senator's home on Chandrila should be nice, it should be peaceful. Filled with love and warmth and all the things I'd forgotten could exist. In a different life it could have been my sort of home as well, a peaceful life with warm beds and a proper roof over my head instead of the cramped cot of a ship.

The life I could have had if I stayed with Lando. It's the life my mother would have wanted for me, but that isn't the life I chose. I look at Ben, just four, nearly five years old, playing with Han's dice.

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An innocent child, a good child, but even though I've cut myself off from the force I can feel it within him, the darkness that tries to influence him. But Ben, he needs his parents more than Luke for now. She carefully considers my words and nods, looking at her little boy with adoration only a mother could have. He kisses my cheek and smiles broadly as he smooths his hand over my light auburn hair and takes in the emerald dress I wear.

I roll my eyes playfully at his flirting but I can't help but adore the man. My friend. We were once far more than that but that's long behind us, both of us much prefer the friendship that came out of it. Yet there are some other less innocent memories that still make me blush that are far more recent then I'd ever admit to Leia.

Boba fett and leia fanfiction

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