Big spoon little spoon gay

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Were they? Was our arrangement unusual? Did couples of all kinds have spooning policies with emotional underpinnings? First, I asked two of my male roommates if they liked to spoon or be spooned. Unconvinced, because being spooned is heaven, I asked him if he thought his masculinity had anything to do with it. Over the next two days, I launched an Instagram-wide investigation into normative cuddling behavior. To my surprise, I got hundreds of responses almost instantly. Trust that for every quote, there were five more like it.

Please input your personal spooning policy below. It feels great on my tummy. Yes, I ask, because men are weirded out by it! I actually started off as the little spoon and then one day we just switched and he is literally obsessed with it. My boy and I usually trade off on spoon sizes, even though he probably wishes I would take charge and big-spoon him every time. He keeps on talking about how amazing it is to be the small spoon. I Big spoon little spoon gay it.

I want to be the little spoon. Sometimes I feel like, as an oppressed female, I deserve more little spooning. However, he likes to be little spoon so we take turns. My boyfriend is always asking me to spoon him before falling asleep. In my past relationships I was rarely the big spoon even though I really enjoyed it!

I prefer to be the big spoon and asked if he wanted to swap. He was super excited and that arrangement became our go-to! Always big spoon. It feels weird to ask. Men are complex creatures. He loathes being little spoon. I spend all day making big decisions and sometimes I want a place of comfort and a place where I know someone has my back. Literally, I guess.

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His love language is physical touch and mine is words of affirmations so it works well. I cuddle him and he talks to me!

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But I just like it better. More control over giving him an anaconda squeeze. He will straight up ask me to hold him. The weight is so calming and eases my anxiety. Not spooning per se…maybe spatula-ing? It makes you feel safe! By Harling Ross. By Gyan Yankovich.

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Big spoon little spoon gay

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