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Rob has ended up becoming one of the best fitness models of his generation. Rob was always active, taking part in a whole variety of sports, such as cycling, snowboarding, windsurfing, and motorsports. When Rob was 15, he fell and fractured his shoulder in a mountain bike race.

He was advised by his doctor to strengthen the shoulder once it was fully healed. Rob got hold of some old weights and a bench, then set it up in his garage. Continuing with his new passion for bodybuilding, Rob went on to study and graduate from the college of London with a degree in Video Production. He then Big rob bodybuilder on to bartending, where he ran and managed the establishment, he then started working for an advertising company in London, managing some of the top s in the advertising sector. With his love for fitness calling him, Rob made the decision to start working as a personal trainer in some of the largest health clubs in the UK.

ByRob was approached by the largest sports supplement company in Europe. He was offered a chance to model in top magazines and he was also featured in adverts.

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His love for fitness continued to grow, after a few years, Rob entered his first bodybuilding competition and won first place. Rob continued to grow and grow within the fitness industry and continued modeling for fitness magazines and other well-known modeling agencies. He also created his own personal training business which has risen from strength to strength. In Rob won another two competitions, which has secured Rob as one of the best fitness models in the industry.

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After continuing with numerous marketing campaigns, Rob flew to Los Angeles from the UK to seek new fitness opportunities, Rob was so impressed with the possibilities he saw in front of him he decided to move there permanently. It followed Rob as he interviewed fitness professionals and famous personalities. The channel grew even bigger and expanded to other TV stations reaching 11 million homes. Rob was both the producer and the star host interviewing celebrities at launch parties, traveling across the country, and reporting at events such as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival.

He also produced small documentaries which featured some of the biggest names in the sporting and modeling world. Big rob bodybuilder a thirst for training and competing, Rob decided to continue on his own path and started preparing for other upcoming events, such as the WNSO fitness model show. He went on to win a Pro card in both the fitness and muscle model category, and also came in second place at the World Finals in Thes placed Rob as one of the personal trainers in the industry.

Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to continue to move forward. Rob loves to train his arms, he says that if you have a strong feature, work on it and make it the best one you have. I love training arms, and feeling the pump in my biceps and as a result have grown some pretty decent peaks on my arms. Rob saw great on the low carb high protein and fat diet. He enjoyed great conditioning as the same if he were on a higher carb diet and without the need for counting his calories.

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Seeing other fitness models on the front of the covers giving training advice, this is where Rob started his journey on trying to emulate his idols. This pushes Rob to up his game and work harder than ever to maintain one of the top spots in the fitness and modeling world. Such as Arnold, Larry Scott, and Sergio. With years of dedication and an air of professionalism, Rob Riches has shown that willpower, intelligent training, and a passion to be Big rob bodybuilder of the best, has landed him as one of the most successful models of his generation.

Starting his journey after an unfortunate accident in his youth, to working out in his garage taking advice from fitness magazines. Rob has shown that with the right inspiration and training methods, you too can have your very own physique of greatness. Contains Well Researched and Natural Ingredients. Order Online Today. A Powerful Physique.

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Big rob bodybuilder

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