Belly inflation methods

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Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Just try with a can and two bananas to begin, and work your way up each time.

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For this method, you can take it very slowly. I use ml, but if you have a large stomach capacity, you can try a 2 liters bottle First, I Belly inflation methods open the bottle and push the third of its content while I swallow as fast as I can without Mentos. The urge to burp is beginning I wait a couple minutes, and I put 2 Mentos in my mouth and swallow a third of the bottle. Close your lips on the opening so no air can escape. I lie down and wait for it to pass a minute, and let my stomach relax. Next: Now that my belly is stretched out, time for a big meal!

If you could keep all the air in, your intestines will be full of gas, making a food inflation even more impressive. If you have a layer of fat, the effect might be less visible.

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Drink that down. Then I drink two 8 oz.

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You will fart A LOT, as the chemical reaction happens. Start with one tablespoon of baking soda, drop it in your mouth and drink a glass of juice with two spoons of APPLE vinegar. Tastes good and is not dangerous. I recommend. Vanilla ice cream and root beer: like a root beer floater, it makes a lot of foam growing inside you.

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Really good and effective. Only do it when you have a headache. But it works. Cook 4 packets of oatmeal, then chug mlof water: It expands in your stomach, but not very much Baking Soda and Coke: It bloats you full of air quickly and strongly. Ginger soda Canada Dry can be good too since the ginger will help your stomach digest the whole thing. Use it as a stomach stretcher before a big meal. Diet Pepsi and Chocolate Milk: A lot of calories, it really bloats you heavily for a long time.

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My favorite. Ramen stuffing: it expands a little in the stomach, but not enough to be an inflation method. Half a tube and I had more than enough. Eat a big watermelon: A big hard bloat, cheap and good for you! Using a 2L Hydration Bladder, squeezing it to empty it quickly in your stomach. You can also inflate it with your mouth, and then suck the air to swallow it.

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You may need more than one can. You can try it, but other bloats on this lists are much more pleasant. Each time I did it, it ruined my day with cramps and pain. I personally prefer more candid bloats that you can just burp and go back to your normal activities. The best is to use an aquarium pump slow and steady flow with the tube going in your butt, or pumps like a bicycle pump. Careful, you have to go slowly to prevent intestine rupture, and you absolutely have to stop if you begin to feel pain. Do at your own risk. The goal here is to swallow more air than water, to inflate your stomach to the maximum.

Then, you just have to do the thing with your throat when you make yourself burp. If done correctly, you will open your throat and feel a bubble of air descending to your stomach. I find it easier when I put the tip of my tongue just behind my front teeth and I push up with it. It has nothing to do with your lungs, so breath in and out normally. Your stomach will be full of air, and you can try to keep it in, or make a gigantic burp.

Any more water than that can lead to water intoxication Belly inflation methods death. Symptoms of hyponatremia can occur from as little as 0. Inflating with N20 gaz with a needle in the abdominal cavity. Extremely dangerous. TIPS: -For a big liquid bloat, use those large straw for shake or slosh. Wait a couple minutes, and your stomach will relax, expand and adapt to its fullness. This is I'm working on something : Butt jiggles!

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Belly inflation methods

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What may cause Stomach Inflation?