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This story originally appeared Nov. At the end of Streisand's show on Nov. Inone of the biggest stars in the world came to the Valley to make a movie. She brought along a handsome Rhodes scholar with a reputation for hard drinking. Thirty years later, Barbara streisand sexy neat serendipity occurs that not even a Hollywood screenwriter could dream up.

Both Streisand and Kristofferson are performing Thursday night in the Valley, although not together. After movie versions in and that focused on big-screen fame, the adaptation of "A Star Is Born" moved the story to the world of rock and roll. Kristofferson plays John Norman Howard, a boozing, coke-snorting rock star on a downward slide. Streisand is Esther Hoffman, a dynamic young singer on the rise. Jon Peters, Streisand's then-boyfriend and co-producer of the film, came up with the idea of shooting the concert sequences in Tempe. According to Streisand's commentary track on the DVD another neat coincidence: The film debuts on DVD this monthPeters had the concept of putting on a rock concert to attract the mammoth crowds needed for the film.

Streisand was sandwiched in the middle of a bill that featured the L. The show was March 20; three weeks later, "Frampton Comes Alive! Years before he became head of Live Nation's Phoenix office, Danny Zelisko worked with legendary concert promoter Bill Graham on sequences filmed at the stadium.

He remembers how the shooting created a buzz in the city. And we had a huge lineup.

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I was involved in picking Peter Frampton as the headliner, and he had the biggest album in America. Graham's people were running late and weren't ready to meet with the superstar, so Zelisko was instructed to make the tour last as long as possible.

An ASU spokesman estimated attendance at 45,; other sources put it at 55, or 70, It was the largest concert held in the state at the time. In the middle of the show, Streisand came out and performed five songs. They've come to see rock-and-roll artists. In the middle of people like Santana and Montrose lead singer Sammy Hagar, she came out, sang, and the audience just dropped to their knees. And what about those people who made a big deal about La Streisand dropping the F-bomb at Madison Square Garden on the current tour?

She uttered the F-word to fire up the crowd not once but twice at Sun Devil Stadium. You want to look at me? Expletive you! I can almost hear her now. A friend's husband was working security at the stadium and was able to get Barbara streisand sexy backstage. Barajas came prepared, bringing a necklace made of mother of pearl and turquoise that she planned to give to the star if she got a chance.

About a. She was dressed in the white crochet sweater she wears in the film. She called out, "Miss Streisand!

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Miss Streisand! She gave her the necklace, and the singer asked whether she was sure she wanted to part with it. Streisand accepted the gift and thanked her. Barajas snapped a quick photo and then walked away. Before she could get far, Streisand asked for her address. A few days later, a handwritten note thanking Barajas for the "lovely little necklace" arrived in the mail.

I was just on Cloud 9. He wound up working for two weeks on "A Star Is Born," not only as an extra, but as a stand-in for actor Oliver Clark and as a double for Kristofferson in the scenes Barbara streisand sexy a helicopter. His face can be seen on-camera in several scenes. He can be glimpsed in the stadium sequences and in scenes shot at Gammage Auditorium, which are used for another concert in the film. His biggest on-camera moment occurs when he chases after an ambulance containing the lead characters, then he climbs up a chain-link fence.

After shooting the last bit, Streisand walked over to see if he was OK. He also hung out in Kristofferson's trailer and made the star laugh with an impression of his gravelly speaking voice. We'd sit around and talk and tell stories. He was just smart and down-to-Earth," though Slatin wondered "why he needed something other than coffee in his cup to start the day. It was a different time for me. Slatin's fondest memory occurred the day before the stadium show. He was in the stadium Barbara streisand sexy Streisand came onstage to do a sound check. I told myself, 'Make a memory of this. Barbra Streisand is singing live, 50 feet away from me, and I'm getting paid for it.

Reviews were mixed, to put it kindly, but it didn't matter. The public turned the film into the second-highest grossing movie released that year, behind "Rocky.

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If the film was a hit, the soundtrack was a monster. Featuring the iconic image of a shirtless Kristofferson locked in an embrace with Streisand, the album topped the charts for six weeks and sold more than 4 million copies. The lovely "Evergreen" sold more than 2 million single copies and spent three weeks at No. Inthe two stars reunited on-screen in Streisand's music video for her song "Left in the Dark. The two hug and kiss at the end, rekindling "A Star Is Born" memories. The move surprised fans, because their relationship during filming reportedly was tense.

InKristofferson played at a benefit in Scottsdale.

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Streisand rarely Barbara streisand sexy outside of the concert for "A Star Is Born," she hasn't performed in Arizona. After announcing her retirement from touring inshe elected to go on the road this year and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. Zelisko, promoter of both Thursday-night shows, says the synchronicity of the stars playing in Phoenix on the same night was unintentional. Kris' show was announced first, and when they announced that part of Barbra's tour included the West Coast, I went, 'It's the same night! It would be legendary. He mentions reading about her tour in the newspaper.

A skit involving a George W. Bush impersonator has inspired heckling at three dates. But there's a lot of pressure when you're performing, and everybody's fighting for their integrity. But we ended up with a lot of respect for each other, and affection. I know I felt grateful for what she did for me. I thought she made a hell of a movie.

I'll be thinking of him across town when I sing 'Evergreen. Reach the reporter at randy. Facebook Twitter. Randy Cordova The Republic azcentral. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

Barbara streisand sexy

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