Bad boys 2 boyfriend scene

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Mike Lowery: Hey, it got rough. We got caught up in the moment, shit got crazy. You know how I get. Marcus Burnett: When you popped me from behind I think you damaged some nerves. View Quote Marcus Burnett: Police! Pull over! Stop the car! Mike Lowery: Not your badge, man!

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He has a gun, shoot him! View Quote Marcus Burnett: So sad. Mike Lowery: What's so sad?

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Marcus Burnett: Your untreated control issues. It's not your fault. Mike Lowery: What in the hell that's suppose to mean? Marcus Burnett: Your mama probably refused you her tit when you were a baby. You grew up a malnourished high school softie. Got you a gun, a little tight t-shirt and became an overcompensating tough guy. Mike Lowery: That is the last time you will ever refer to my mother's titties.

I don't even want them up in your head. Syd: What did you say? Marcus Burnett: It's no wonder you got the job because you look good in a bathing suit. View Quote Marcus Burnett: You a virgin? Reggie: Yes, sir. Marcus Burnett: Good.

Keep it that way. Mike Lowery: You ever made love to a man? Reggie: No. Mike Lowery : You want to? View Quote Marcus Burnett: You know, unlike you my daddy didn't leave me no trust fund. I got real world shit to deal with, Mike. I'm not in it for the thrills.

Mike Lowery: Same old shit, different day. All right, damn, yes i shot you, all right. But you'be seeing nothing at all if i hadn't made my move. So i don't why you're acting so angry about it. Marcus Burnett: You're misinformed, i'm not angry.

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Mike Lowery: Oh, you're very angry. Marcus Burnett: No, i'm not angry. It's okay. Marcus Burnett: I'm not angry. Except when you keep repeating "You're angry". Therapist Good. I want you to say: "I'm angry. I'll process my anger. I love myself. View Quote Marcus Burnett: You see that? Mike Lowery: They throwin' cars.

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How'd I not see that. Marcus Burnett: Hey, Mike, I'm just trying to be helpful. View Quote Megan Burnett: I bet you meet a lot of cute guys. Just like "Sex and the City". Marcus Burnett: Theresa, cancel the damn cable! Look at your pupils. Marcus Burnett: Look at my pupils? How the hell am I gonna look at my pupils? Marcus Burnett: It's Reggie! Marcus Burnett: Came to take Megan out. Reggie: I'm here You wanna be takin' Megan out?

Reggie: Yes, sire? Mike Lowery: How old is you? Reggie: Fifteen. You at least thirty. View Quote Mike Lowery: [singing] Bad boys, bad boys what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when we come for you? Marcus Burnett: We usually only do the chorus. View Quote Mike Lowery: Captain, is it possible we can discuss potential reimbursement Howard: The department doesn't cover personal property, that's why we drive police cars. View Quote Mike Lowery: Crash the ambulance into the mortuary now. Detective Mateo Reyes: [over radio] No way.

I'm not getting suspended again. Mike Lowery: I'm gonna whoop your asses if you don't crash that ambulance into the mortuary now. View Quote Mike Lowery: Hey, isn't it low tide? Marcus Burnett: Yes, I think it is. Mike Lowery: Don't you have some relatives that you need to go pick up?

Detective Mateo Reyes: You went too far on that one. Rodney: Don't you think we oughta break international waters to help them out? Next » « .

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Bad boys 2 boyfriend scene

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Bad Boys II