Autoblow vagina competition

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In an historic moment for female body positivity, the world's very first 'vagina beauty ant' has announced its winning entrant. Brian Sloan, the creator of the 'Autoblow', explains that the purpose of the contest is to optimise men's enjoyment of his blow job simulator.

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That's right - this world-first beauty ant was dreamt up by Brian Sloan, who also created the blow job simulator Autoblow 2. The current Autoblow 2 comes with a 'mouth sleeve' that Sloan admits "is kinda weird-looking". So he's setting his sights on some "super realistic vagina sleeves" for the next version - and that's where this beauty ant comes in.

He then uses a few slices of ham to demonstrate the kind of vulva diversity he's looking for in competition entrants. A total of women submitted photos of their vulvas to this competition, and the website received more thanvotes ranking them by appearance. Although Sloan and some others touted the competition as a celebration of genital diversity, it probably won't come as any surprise that the winning vulva is neat, compact, smooth, hairless, white and free of protruding labia minora.

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Did the sex toy manufacturer really need to run a competition like this to get such a result? The woman in possession of this perfect vulva told Mic she doesn't think hers is particularly special, but rather put the achievement down to photography: "I happen to have the best picture of my vagina. That's it.

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It's nothing less, it's nothing more. She said her own body isn't perfect, describing herself as "a middle height, middle weight girl dressing in a sporty way," and said she didn't want other women to look at her genitals and feel that theirs don't measure up.

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But considering that the purpose of this vagina beauty ant was not just to name a winning vulva, but to use it as the prototype for a mass-produced sex toy for men? Simply hoping that it won't contribute to an environment that subjects women to unfair beauty standards and body dysmorphia is crossing fingers against reality.

The winner of the world's first 'vagina beauty ant' has been crowned. Please try again later.

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The winner of the world's first 'vagina beauty ant' has been crowned