Austin null exposed

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You can see a screencapture at the end of this post. According to various sources, the video was allegedly intended for another woman that Austin was chatting with online.

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The video is approximately fifteen seconds long and shows an exposed Null. It is confirmed that it IS Null because his face is in the video. The last time I checked, Britt had deleted her social media.

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Their YouTube friends have yet to respond. The Nulls say that they will make a video within the next hour. I will post that as soon as I watch it. How stupid do you have to be?! Within the first few minutes, Austin admits to an online affair for five months - only online until May. He says that someone sent him photos and instead of ignoring it, he responded with his own photos and messages.

They have been in counseling, which they had briefly mentioned their YouTube audience but never the online affair s. Brittany says she has known about this for a year. They begin to speak about redemption, Christ and forgiveness.

They also explain that you only see a small portion of their lives and that you should understand that they have faults. Austin admits to being annoyed that this video has surfaced because they have moved past it but Brittany disagrees and essentially admits that Austin null exposed is a good reason to talk about what happened between them. They laugh and say that this is their last video of They plan to come back soon, most likely Monday.

They do not plan to stop vlogging and say that they want to give back and they would love to hear feedback from their fans. They thank everyone for watching and being understanding and they end the video. My personal take: I wish they had been more stransparent when this started happening. I also tend to wonder what the motives were of the other person in this online affair.

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It sounds to me like the person on the other side of this affair sent the video to a particular Tumblr that is known for soliciting men to send in videos and photos. Do any of y'all watch the Nive Nulls?

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For 5 months? While your wife and kids are in the next room?

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Shonda Rhimes is everything. Shonda Rhimes is the reason for my life. Shonda Rhimes is my god. Shondaland is my home. I made a new YouTube Channel! I plan on making this a hobby of mine so if you could check it out and give it some love that would be awesome! The apartment tour anon was asking for!!

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Took l day but it finally ed. Haha hope you enjoy!! While Josh sewed the couch and I wore the baby I filmed a quick little apartment tour! It was actually lots of fun. A lot has changed since my last one. I enjoy documenting our home! The video has since been deleted, but here is an edited screencapture. The Nive Nulls: Video Response youtubeunedited : Within the first few minutes, Austin admits to an online affair for five months - only online until May. Brittany explains that she understands why people are curious, hateful, etc. Full stop.

I am addicted to Scandal.

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Austin null exposed

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The Nive Nulls Cheating Confession Has Us Wondering About the Pitfalls of Daily Vlogging